2 Russian Air Defence Forces are 75 Years Old Now

Russian Air Defence Forces are 75 Years Old Now

Posted on January 23, 2017 by tim

Soviet and now Russian air defence forces celebrate 75 since their inception. Now it is not only missiles like S-300 or S-400 but also a lot of fighter jets whose primary duty is to protect skies from intrusion. They call it air border guards. Mostly consists of MiG-31, Su-27 and MiG-29s. Let’s see them in action.

Their main duty is to protect strategic objects from skies.

For example MiG-31 was initally planned as a jet to be used in Air Defense only. For this reason no MiG-31 can be sold abroad and can be used only in Russia.

MiG-31 can cover 1000 km range in just 18 minutes.

In just one flight there were set 19 world records, including speed of departure: in just under eight minutes this 30 ton thing loaded with four missiles climbed from zero to 20 km (60,000 ft) high.

Also the weapons on MiG-31 said to be a state of art. However all those planes called “most peaceful weapon” as their sole purpose is defense.

They say that the next generation of this plane – MiG-41 is already underway.


For long time instead MiG-31 another plane – MiG-25P was used.

MiG-31s never participated in war conflicts yet.

At this moment four Air Defense air force regiments are active in Russia.


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2 responses to “Russian Air Defence Forces are 75 Years Old Now”

  1. Papa Karlo says:

    Just a correction, this is not 75 anniversary of Russian Air Defence (PVO), this is 75th anniversary of the Air Force of Air Defence (Aviatsiya PVO).

    Russian Air Defence Force does not exist anymore separately, because in 1998 it was absorbed by Russian Air Force which is now called “Russian Air Force and Air Defence”.

    Russian Air Defence (PVO) was officially established in

    Official Russian Air Defence “birthday” is 1914, i.e. 113 years ago.
    Only “Aviatsiya PVO” (Air Force of Air Defence) was established in 1942 (75 years ago).

  2. john dudley says:

    Excellent aircraft,great pic’s.

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