1 Story of Two Good Samaritans Who Saved a Fellow Driver

Story of Two Good Samaritans Who Saved a Fellow Driver

Posted on January 17, 2017 by tim

So this story makes you believe in humanity again. Like, two Russian men were getting home thru a very low traffic remote road at -35 C outside. Then, when it was almost getting dark, they saw a Toyota SUV standing on a road side with one wheel missing.

They looked around but didn’t find any people. The radiator of the car was yet warm so this happened not long ago. The car owner lost his wheel and probably couldn’t fix it himself so went to search assistance.

So the two strangers decided to take a risk of fixing abandoned car without asking a permission from an owner. Either he would be tremendously happy on his return or he will kill them. Still they decided to do this. They had all necessary equipment including special SUV high load hi-jack to lift the car and a winch to stabilize the SUV on a icy road.

So they started fixing it and despite it was pretty hard to do this as the car moved all the time on a snow they managed to put the wheel on.

Then when they were almost done a car arrived. This was their moment of destiny – either their actions would be approved or they would be confronted.

But then in the first moment it was clear the car owner was really happy. He was with a full smile on his face happy and repeating “thank you, thank you, thank you, I alway believed in magic and it happened!”

The broken car owner, Alexander remembered how exactly one year ago he helped at this same place another driver to escape the snow and now he receives help himself!


So good deeds return to their makers and save them too! Be good to your fellows around. Cheers.

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