3 Space Museum Part 2.

Space Museum Part 2.

Posted on January 10, 2017 by konst4

We continue the tour. Today, we’ll l watch the story of space that I saw personally and remember how it was. We start of course from the station “Mir”.

Layout of “Mir” station. In addition to this layout there is a layout in 1:1 scale…

Gateway special compartment (GSC) of orbital station “Mir” made for exit of the astronaut in a spacesuit “Orlan D” in open space without depressurization of working and living compartments.

Working compartment on space station “Mir”.

Toilet of “Mir” station. Original flushing handle in the form of an emergency brake)))

The sleeping compartment.

The vehicle for movement of astronaut 21KS (VMA), set up to work together with the spacesuit “Orlan DMA”. In February 1990, the cosmonauts A. Victorenko and A. Serebrov tested 21KS SPK device in space, and circled “Mir” station. The device was not too comfortable.

The duration of autonomous work without refueling – more than 6 hours (6 hours)

The intrinsic speed – 30 m / s (24.4 m / s)

Mass is less than 180 kg (150 kg)

Total exit into space – at least 15

Max allowable speed – 1 m / s

Max angular velocity – 10 ° / s

Precision of automatic stabilization – 0.5 … 5 ° (0,5 ° / s)

The maximum distance: from station “Mir” – 60 m (with harnesses) from the ship “Buran” – 100 m

The space suit “Orlan”.

A toolbar for performing of maintenance and repairs on the space station, including metal cutting, drilling and thread cutting.

Tools for working in open space.


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3 Responses to “Space Museum Part 2.”

  1. john dudley says:

    What a beautiful display of space history.

  2. RB says:

    I love space and that rocket in front of the building was so perfect. I saw the plan and it almost looked like the rocket can move like a pendulum?

  3. Adolfo Camara says:

    I’ve been at this museum. Unforgettable experience!

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