0 In The Valleys of Death: The Top 5 Russian Ghost Towns

In The Valleys of Death: The Top 5 Russian Ghost Towns

Posted on January 9, 2017 by konst4

Alykel, Krasnoyarsk krai

Unlike the unfortunate Iultin, Norilsk won’t have such fate, though the circumstances of their birth were similar in many ways. By the mid 1920 s in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, 2,000 kilometers from the regional center, the existence of rich copper-nickel deposit has been established. Nickel reserves, the most important metal used in making armor for tanks and aircraft designs were so big that the city grew really fast. Even before the war began, a large mining industry has started its work here, continued to develop, and after its completion. Over time, Norilsk got some towns satellites, one of which was Alykel.

Norilsk importance for the economy of the USSR was difficult to overstate. Local industrial complex gave lion's share of Soviet nickel, cobalt and copper, not talking about the precious metals. The loss of the city and especially the opportunity to produce what nature has hidden under it, as a result of the conflict with the opposing camp would have become a tragedy. Most likely, in this regard, in 1960 it was decided to deploy the local airport Alykel and to build a military town for pilots.

On stilts in the middle of permafrost grew several dozen of buildings: barracks, administrative and office buildings, residential high-rise buildings for the officers. After the Soviet Union collapsed, the squadron was disbanded, planes with crews flew away to warmer climes, and Alykel became unnecessary. The population left Norilsk. The village also was the main attraction, which welcomes visitors, who come to the Russian nickel capital.


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