2 About Real All-Terrain Vehicles in Chukotka.

About Real All-Terrain Vehicles in Chukotka.

Heavy bulldozers are also used but they are designed to work in a quarry, and therefore are equipped with narrow caterpillar tracks, and because of this they move badly outside of the quarry

Finally, a photo of an old bus.

There is no perfect technology; there is only the most suitable for specific tasks and conditions. There are a lot of all-terrain vehicles – Chetra, Vityaz, and many, many others. I also had the opportunity to see them.

It isn’t the most powerful and well prepared all-terrain vehicle that passes the road, but the most intelligent and experienced driver using their skills and brains.


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  1. john dudley says:

    Interesting read, cool machines.

  2. Stojan G says:

    Great post and pisc! Quite educational, liked it!

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