2 About Real All-Terrain Vehicles in Chukotka.

About Real All-Terrain Vehicles in Chukotka.

Fortunately, there was a team of geologists in an MTLB nearby and they pulled him out.

Broom. MTLB. The workhorse, all up, the most successful all-terrain vehicle. It is tractable, and swims, and climbs steep inclines. It can carry 7 people, and more. It is relatively fuel efficient, using between 20 and 100 liters per hundred kilometres, depending on how and where it goes. It can carry 2.5 tons of cargo.

Cons. The winch is placed in the front. Generally an ingenious solution. Unfortunately a snapped cable flies directly into the windscreen and the driver, so we removed the winches so that there was no chance of this happening.


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  1. john dudley says:

    Interesting read, cool machines.

  2. Stojan G says:

    Great post and pisc! Quite educational, liked it!

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