0 About Real All-Terrain Vehicles in Chukotka.

About Real All-Terrain Vehicles in Chukotka.

Fortunately there was a team of geologists on MTLB and they pulled him out.

Broom. MTLB. The workhorse, at the aggregate performance characteristics most successful all-terrain vehicle. It is passable, and swims, and climbs in steep climbs. Can carry 7 people, and more. It eats well, from 20 to 100 liters per hundred, depending on how it goes and where. It carries 2.5 tons of cargo.

Cons. In front at the plant the winch is put. Generally ingenious solution. The bursted cable flies directly in wind glass and driver, so we dismantled all these bad winches as unnecessary ones, so that there was no opportunity to use it.


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