2 About Real All-Terrain Vehicles in Chukotka.

About Real All-Terrain Vehicles in Chukotka.

Hello, I’ll tell you not about Gelenvagen, but about the real hard workers who have to carry geologists across the expanses of Chukotka, where there is no civilization, and about my personal experiences and the all-terrain vehicles that I worked with.

So from simple to difficult. UAZik. Here without comments, all is clear.

Traditional all-terrain vehicles are useless there. The Gulf of Anadyr, in the hummocks. Because of them, Delics, UAZiks and others can’t get from the airport to the village (6 km).

The hundredth Land Cruiser in stock. It sinks into the newly thawed permafrost and swamp. They are suitable for small trips within the village and in places where there are dirt roads. In winter, people try not to turn them off, and leave them running overnight, otherwise the engine can’t be started without heating.

Prepared all-terrain vehicle. In this case, a Toyota Surf. It has been raised, and has modofied suspension and bodywork, as well as a winch, but you still can’t get far with this vehicle. You can have a ride when hunting and fishing, but with no more than five people.

Homemade. Local guys design such things there. This is a transitional version of the evolution of the all-terrain vehicle to becoming a Trekol.

Trekol. A good all-terrain vehicle. It swims, but it is hard to drive in it, you can bounce into the ceiling. It goes well through snow, mud, and swamp, but can’t go up steep hills with a full load as the motor is rather weak. Because of the large wheels discs often burst. Lowering the pressure in the tires dramatically increases passability, but this spoils the tire sidewall, and microcracks appear in them.

This one carries 8 people and has a higher reliability due to the fact that it can move without 2 wheels. It doesn’t like when it is being overloaded, the fiberglass hull tears off in the attachment points. During a strong storm wind, gusts may even overturn it due to the low mass (2.2 tonnes).

If you disconnect the transmission to an axle on the 6 wheeled trekol there is a possibility that it will be damaged under load. The mechanic in the photo, the driver, is busy replacing it.

With the increase in load capacity, the automobile becomes more serious and tougher. Urals. This machine is serious, but it can still get stuck in the right hands. The driver was driving down the road and decided to drive through the tundra but flew into the wetland. Here is the result.

Fortunately, there was a team of geologists in an MTLB nearby and they pulled him out.

Broom. MTLB. The workhorse, all up, the most successful all-terrain vehicle. It is tractable, and swims, and climbs steep inclines. It can carry 7 people, and more. It is relatively fuel efficient, using between 20 and 100 liters per hundred kilometres, depending on how and where it goes. It can carry 2.5 tons of cargo.

Cons. The winch is placed in the front. Generally an ingenious solution. Unfortunately a snapped cable flies directly into the windscreen and the driver, so we removed the winches so that there was no chance of this happening.


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