13 Moscow Decorated for Christmas and New Year

Moscow Decorated for Christmas and New Year


Moscow is finally decorated for the New Year. I can say that it is really cool this year! I can not think of another city in the world that has been so stylish and decorated for the holiday. Compared with last year, it has become more modern and more laconic. Previously, many of the streets were literally inundated with various light installations, and it was too much, and even these ridiculous houses, which didn’t always stylistically fit in with the overall design. This year Moscow is gorgeous! There is almost nothing to complain about! Yesterday I walked for three hours and had a great time!


As in the past, the main idea of ​​the design was to make a lot of light steel arches with patterns. Here is the arch in the entry to the Kamergersky.

Now here such garlands on the new lamps on Tverskaya street.

A lot of people are walking along Tverskaya street.

The light tunnel on the Boulevard – now it is the main place for photos.

Decorations on Pushkinskaya

Pavilions for the sale of souvenirs and food have now become more modern.

Previously, there were some huts, and now they are much better.

All squares have illuminated arches decorated with patterns.

Opposite City Hall

A small Christmas village with cafes, shops and carousel was built opposite the City Hall.

You can also take a picture for the memory.

Dmitrovka has become much neater than last year.

And in the past there was a Hell!

Illuminated trees in the pedestrian malls.

Modern pavilions opposite GUM on Kuznetskiy.

Very cool … Much better than the old houses.

Watch, what a beauty!

Another extremely good display in front of GUM!

In each display there is a fairy tale – and there are dozens of them! They are a must see!

I wonder how much the design of each display cost? Now I understand why there are such prices in GUM!

Theatre Square

There are no houses there now, and I hope, there will be none of them in future.

Revolution Square

There is a huge ice slide.


On the Okhotny Ryad, there are also modern pavilions and light arches.

This Christmas tree was put on a high pedestal …

On the Red Square, there is as always a skating rink and Christmas market from GUM … It looks gorgeous every year.

On the Nikolskaya arch

The GUM Fair

Carousel for children

It was great this year! Let’s go for a walk!


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13 Responses to “Moscow Decorated for Christmas and New Year”

  1. fundaluk says:

    Beautiful city

  2. irongrampa says:

    I suspect actually seeing this in person could create sensory overload.

    Really quite spectacular.

  3. john dudley says:

    Great pic’s,and very beautiful,alot of people put alot of work into all the display’s.

    • Papa Karlo says:

      Every single one of those workers are slave immigrant workers, who are paid a fraction of what a Russian worker gets, but the money allocated from the budget is the same. The difference is then pocketed by the managers from lowest foreman level up to the Mayor himself.
      So the more work like this is done, the more money is transferred illegally from the city budget to their pockets. That’s why there is so much of show-off like this in Moscow.

      • Philip Jennings says:

        Wow, “Karlo” boy. So much “indignation”… I’m sure that when you saw the NY Christmas Tree, you were equally anguished and obsessed with the illegal Mexicans who decorated most of the city. I’m sure that’s the ONLY thing you could think of in the entire season…

        Oh, and Moscow looks great, even with your funny squeals.

  4. Yuri says:

    Every year is decorated beautifully. Some years are just a little better than others.

  5. Yuri says:

    PLEASE check spelling for GUM. It should use a “G” not a “C”

  6. Papa Karlo says:

    The City government is virtually unaccountable to anybody, so they can afford spending many times more money than any other comparable city in the world. The hallways in all apartment buildings look like in a zombie apocalypse (except for the gated communities), there are no washrooms or elevators in the subway stations, but they spend millions of dollars on Christmas lights. It’s hopeless.

    • Rashomon says:

      …”spending many times more money than any other comparable city…”. Really, “Karlo” child? Such as…(??)
      And how much?

      …”hallways in all apartment buildings look like in a zombie apocalypse…”. Sorry, but Moscow looks (and is) much better than Detroit and many cities.

      Yes, Beatiful Moscow will always make you bitter and “hopeless” beyond imagination. We know that. Look at the first pics. And now, cry some more….

      —PS. Very beautiful pictures. Beautiful City. Thanks ER.

  7. Rashomon says:

    Happy New Year, ER. Great Pics.
    Keep the good work!

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