0 How Do they Build Wooden Ships in Karelia

How Do they Build Wooden Ships in Karelia

But let’s look at the factory, where the new conquerors of the seas are now being built.

This shallop will go on a world tour.

In the spring, this shallop will be launched, then there will be its fit out and testing. Now it stands in a large shop.

A wooden beauty.

Inside, there are cabins and a kitchen.

Of course, modern tools and instruments are used during the construction.

In a neighboring shop, they build up a Drakkar copy – a so called Viking boat.

So it will roughly look like Drakkar after construction.

This vessel will also have a fascinating adventure, but construction is delayed because it requires funds.

It is a very interesting place, and may become one of the most popular tourist sites of Petrozavodsk, if it was supported by the state, but so far everything is made by the enthusiasm of club members.

If you’re in Karelia, plan to visit the “Polar Odyssey”, you will not regret it.

P.S. Wooden ships are not only built in Karelia. In Tomsk, Alexander Boitsov builds a copy of the boat of Peter the Great. He is also a very passionate man, read the story of how he came to the idea of ​​building a boat. Alexander now needs a little help, look, and maybe you can help him.


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