1 Experimental Soviet Tank Carrier

Experimental Soviet Tank Carrier

Experimental tractor MAZ / KZKT-545

In the late 60's there was a need to create a wheeled tractor to replace the old MAZ-537 tractor. There were strict requirements from the USSR Ministry of Defense for the characteristics of the tractor, in particular for the capacity and security of cabins.

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As part of this task, the wheeled tractor MAZ-545 was created in DDB-1 of Minsk Automobile Plant in the late 60's. Designers from Minsk created two basic variants - a truck tractor MAZ-545 and a ballast tractor MAZ-545a.  Both versions of the truck were made in 1969-1970 at the Wheel Tractor Plant in Kurgan (KZKT).

Both trucks were built on a MAZ-537 chassis, but got a new original 4-door 8-seat cabin (however, the new cabin was longer than the cabin on the 537). The main difference between the old and the new tractors was the use of a new engine - a V-configuration diesel engine of the B-38, B-2 family.


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  1. Douglas says:

    They should have a park where people could drive one of these around a circle for 15 minutes or more. It looks like fun vehicle..

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