2 Production of Il-96-300 and AN-148.

Production of Il-96-300 and AN-148.

From “Flying tank” to board №1. In the shops of the Voronezh aircraft factory several legendary aircrafts were produced for 85 years of its history. During the war – the famous Il-2 (the designers called it “Flying Tank”). At the end of 1960-s – the world’s first supersonic passenger airliner Tu-144. Today the plant produces the aircraft IL-96, AN-148, as well as individual units for SSJ 100 and MS-21 aircraft. Work on transport aircraft IL-112 is resumed. Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Company (VAMC) produces the main Russian aircraft – a presidential Il-96, better known as the board №1.

The decision about the organization of the plant made in 1929. Before 1966, the plant had only numbered titles: firstly №18, then №64. During the war, production lines were evacuated to Kuibyshev (now – Samara), after the Victory factory in Voronezh was actually rebuilt.

Voronezh aircraft factory over the years of its history produced such planes as the ANT-25 (Chkalov and Gromov flied over the North Pole to the US on them), the legendary Il-2, bomber Tu-16, passenger Il-86 and the first in the world supersonic Tu-144.

VAMC – the country’s only producer of long-haul wide-body passenger aircraft IL-96-300. Created in DB named in honor of Ilyushin with the direct participation of the VAMC prototype took off to the skies for the first time on September 28, 1988. The flight lasted 40 minutes.


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