5 Interesting And Rare Vintage Photos

Interesting And Rare Vintage Photos

Coat of arms of the USSR. Made of metal drills. Mechanical Plant named in honor of M.I. Kalinin, Moscow, 1927.

Employees of the Moscow Research Institute sorting cabbage vegetable base, 1982.

Soviet soldiers and an unknown civilian move a huge eagle that hung above the entrance of the Reich Chancellery, Berlin, 1945.

Bella Akhmadulina and Yevgeny Yevtushenko, the Soviet Union, 1957.

People hanged because of stealing German field post, village Durnevo in the district of the Leningrad region in January 1942.

Georges Charles d’Anthes – killer of Alexander Pushkin, 1860

4 genius: Shostakovich, Meyerhold, Mayakovsky and Rodchenko

The world’s first polar icebreaker – “Ermak”. Colorized photo in which it is depicted when removing coastal defense battleship “Graf Apraksin” from the stones, 1899.

German soldier on the monument to Lenin, Minsk, 1941.

Vladimir Vysotsky and Marina Vlady in the estate Maisons-Laffitte, France, March 6, 1980.

Farewell with a friend, Leningrad, 1942.


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5 Responses to “Interesting And Rare Vintage Photos”

  1. L R Tuggle says:

    Excellent selection of pictures – most of which I have never seen before. Special thanks for the English titles so that non-Russian speakers can know what the photos depict. It is very frustrating to see so many pictures on English Russia with no information in English. Thanks again

  2. Papa Karlo says:

    “Adjuster Maria Shalneva (lance-corporal of 87th individual road maintenance battalion), Berlin, Germany, May 2nd, 1945.”

    – This is the most funny translation I’ve ever read in my life!
    Adjuster Lance-Corporal of individual road maintenance – this is a true masterpiece of translation!

    Should read: Traffic controller Maria Shalneva, GEFREITOR of 87th SPECIAL (or SEPARATE) battalion.

    Also, it’s instructive how even in the middle of the war, the insane Soviets usurpers were obsessed with political propaganda. The poster on the photo reads “Long live 1st of May” which is absolutely retarded, it would be like for the US troops in Germany to install posters saying “Happy 4th of July” in the middle of the ruins of the war-torn Germany.

    • Sole Survivor says:

      Haha! You’re kind of weird, “Karlo”. At least the First of May is an international conmemoration, still celebrated today, the world over.

      About the Americans, well, even the Looney Toons were used as War Propaganda. Americans have always included kids to target in their ‘influence’ methods. Even today.

  3. Douglas says:

    Hi Karlo,… ”Gefreitor” is just a German word that the Russian Army still uses to sort of look down on lower ranking enlisted men. Its all very amusing. My Russian Sergeant friend likes to use it on me…..lots of laughs.

  4. Philip Jennings says:

    ….”obsessed with political propaganda…..”. -LoL. Everybody was. The Americans even used cute Disney Cartoons to attack and mock Japs and your beloved Adolf. Among other Hollywood ‘efforts’… You didn’t know?

    …” like for the US troops in Germany to install posters saying “Happy 4th of July” in the middle of the ruins of…”. -LOLZ. They did worse things, boy. Oh, but we remember you live in a cave lost in 1930’s. Funny.

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