4 In Moscow They Restored the Soviet Unique All-terrain Vehicle

In Moscow They Restored the Soviet Unique All-terrain Vehicle

One of the copies of the car “Blue Bird”, developed for searching for landed astronauts, has been fully restored. The SUV in the photo is a legendary “Blue Bird”, a unique tri-axle floating SUV, designed for search and evacuation of landed spacecraft crews. To rescue space explorers, these cars have to swim, go through trees, to overcome the absolute off-road … Besides “Blue Bird” is not just an all-terrain vehicle, but the whole complex, which includes screw-propelled vehicle.

About three dozen normal (if that adjective is applicable to such a machine) “Blue Birds” were released, and this particular example is a modified version of the 150-strong fiberglass tri-axle, created before the breakdown of the USSR on behalf of the interdepartmental commission. As the portal says “Special vehicles and commercial vehicles,” of such modernized machines “fewer were made than the fingers on one hand.”

Passenger ZIL-49065 is in full working order. Its restoration was done by “MSTS6 AMOSIL” LLC, which recently got the famous “Machine-assembly department № 6”, which made government limousines and ZIL cabriolet.


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4 responses to “In Moscow They Restored the Soviet Unique All-terrain Vehicle”

  1. Peter says:

    Unique? Looks like a copy of an an old U.S. amphibious Duck-boat to me. (Of which thousands were made, in many variations.)

    • rostit says:

      Lolwat. It’s nothing like a duck boat. The only thing they share is being amphibious. Even a child can tell they are different…

  2. john dudley says:

    Neat to see,and very cool.

  3. Kent_Diego says:

    Interesting project. Looks like the front of vehicle sticks out too far and would hit ground if approaching a hill.

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