0 Two months of visiting Kazakh shaman (26 photos)

Two months of visiting Kazakh shaman (26 photos)

Photographer Denis Vedzhas spent 2 months in the Kazakh village Ungurtas at local Sufi dervish Bifatima Dualetovoy. From January to March 2011, Denis lived in the guest house of Bafitimy, helping her around. Together with the other pilgrims, he took part in the ceremonies, prayed and went on hikes, and then he made a report on how these two months passed.

Bifatima Dualetova

Each pilgrim’s morning begins with meditating on the sacred hill

In the afternoon, the shaman receives guests and gives them tea and sandwiches with butter

Animal skull at the entrance to the house

Bifatima blesses a man by annointing him with water from a river


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