1 How Is the Traditional Chechen Wedding Celebrated in Grozny

How Is the Traditional Chechen Wedding Celebrated in Grozny

Posted on December 8, 2016 by konst4

Traditional Chechen weddings are very special events and are celebrated for three days, but they have their own features that may seem rather strange to us. This post will tell us about all the features of traditional weddings in Chechnya.

The bride, with her friends in her bedroom, waits for the groom’s relatives, who should pick her up.

Friends of the bride, who wears a traditional Chechen dress, make sure that she looks perfect.

In Chechnya, the girls are usually about 17-18 years old when they are married, and the groom, who traditionally pays for the wedding, is a little over 20.

The bride stands there, where she will be until the end of the ceremony. Throughout the day, she will be presented to the new family. She must remain standing, and can sit down only when she is given permission to do so.

Relatives of the future husband escorted the bride to the place where the wedding ceremony is held.

The groom can’t get close to the bride.

Traditionally, no one in the bride’s family can attend the wedding.


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  1. sszzrr says:

    The Russian nurses would dress daughters like this if they were not raped and killed in Grotzny in 1994

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