1 Photo-story of the USSR: Collection of Very Nice Historical Photos

Photo-story of the USSR: Collection of Very Nice Historical Photos

Posted on December 6, 2016 by konst4

A collection of nice, and somehow very bright, Soviet photos. Like this first one: “For you, workers and peasants!” Moscow city. 1990.

Moscow beauties Katya Chelichkina and Masha Kalinina. 1988.

Shepherd of a farm named in honor of Thelmann, member of the CPSU, Dashinima Amogolonova. 1959.

Omsk region. Alarm for instruction. 1962.

Coffered work. 1885 – 1899.

Dmitry Ivanovich Kashirin – Ataman of Verkhneuralsk cossack troops

1900 – 1915

May Day demonstration. VAZ in front of the podium in Togliatti. G. 1981

Production of felt boots: pumice stone processing. 1930, Kimry

Couple in love. Sokolniki. 1960.

P.N. Nesterov and his mechanic G.M. Nelidov, near the aircraft “Nieupor” after the flight from Saint Petersburg to Kiev. 1913.

Preparation of the Il-2 for a combat flight. Replenishing ammunition. 1943.

The funeral of the White House Defenders. August 1991.

Hydrographic Expedition of the Arctic Ocean held by Boris Vilkitsky. Diving works on the ship “Vaigach”. 1913.

Participants of Russian-Japanese negotiations after the signing of a peace treaty. August 23, 1905

Demonstration. 1927 – 1929.

Dnepropetrovsk. “Muse” fountain. 1978.

Rain of stars. Sokolniki. 1979.

The parade on Red Square. May 9, 1984.

Tyr Heyerdal and Yuriy Senkevich in the “Youth”. 1984.

Keeper of the Kremlin chimes. 1990.

Opening of the monument “Millennium of Russia”. September 1862.

Yuri Nikulin on the day of the last performance in the old circus on the Cvetnoy Boulevard. August 13, 1985.

Petr Stolypin during a trip through the villages of Bronnitskiy district of Moscow province. 1910.

Chechen women during an anti-Russian action in front of the parliament building. Grozniy. Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. (In other words, the Chechen Republic). Russian Federation. December 15, 1994.

Dagger-mountain near Mineral Waters. 1890-s

Washing of bottles and bottling of beer. Between 1895 – 1905.

Life Guard Hussar Regiment of His Majesty, the 2nd Squadron. Tsarskoye Selo. 1895 – 1898.

Meeting of terrorists in Akatuyskaya prison. 1906.

Everybody is here. From left to right in the second row: Rebecca Fialka, Alexander Izmailovich, Maria Spiridonova, Maria Shkolnik (sitting on the ground), Anastasia Bitsenko, Lydia Ezerskaya.

Satirical figures on the Red Square. Between 1919 – 1920.

In front of the Kremlin’s Spassky Gates satirical figure of Lloyd George, Kerensky and other political figures. A poster entitled “What does the Entente say”, says: “Despite all our efforts the III-rd Communist International met in the Kremlin. Generals haven’t helped! “.

On the photo on the right from the Spasskaya tower there are domes of the church of Michael Malein (1634) and the Cathedral of the Ascension (1519) of Ascension Monastery. Demolished in 1929.


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    Very cool photo of Nesterov and his mechanic.

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