0 Soviet Athletes and Sportsmen on Retro Photos

Soviet Athletes and Sportsmen on Retro Photos

Posted on December 4, 2016 by konst4

Sports and physical education had a special place in the life of Soviet society. Every citizen at any time had been able to defense his country, so everyone was involved in the physical preparation – from children to their grandparents. These retro pictures are devoted to Soviet athletes.

Summer vacation near the river, 1928

Gymnastic parade in Leningrad, 1930

“Dynamo” stadium, Moscow, 1930

Execution of gymnastic exercises, 1930

In Moscow park named in honor of M. Gorky, 1931

Students of the Higher Naval College, Leningrad, 1931

Representatives of the Union of Transport Engineering, Leningrad, 1933

The parade of athletes at the Palace Square in Leningrad, 1933


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