6 History in Color From Olga Klimbim

History in Color From Olga Klimbim

Posted on December 4, 2016 by konst4

Sergeant-major of a tank company Baimagambetov, 1943

Russian artist Olga K. add colors to old photos so they look like they were shot in color. Take a look, awesome selection! Sergeant of tank company Kazakh Baimagambetov K., a member of the CPSU (b), distinguished himself in the battles, was awarded with the medal “For Courage”, Kalinin Front, 1943

Vienna, 1945

Vienna 1945

Josip Broz Tito

Iosip Broz Tito on the second session of ABHOJ on 29-30 November 1943 in Yazco city

Inessa Armand

Inessa Armand, 02.01.1910

Dmitri Shostakovich

Dmitri Shostakovich


First World War

Valentina Matyukhina (08.05.1915 – 23.12.1944)

Matyukhina Valentina Alekseevna

(May 8, 1915 – December 23, 1944)

Guard lieutenant, senior pilot 125 BAR named in honor of Raskova

In World War II from January 1943.

During his stay in the Great Patriotic War (in October 1944) made 53 flights (flew 55 hours and 22 minutes)

Killed during a combat mission in the area Machulu (Latvia) on December 23, 1944.

She was awarded with the Order of the Red Star (29.05.1943) and the Red Banner (17.10.1944), the medal “For the Defense of Stalingrad” (22.12.1942)

Yekaterina Ryabova | Екатерина Рябова

Ekaterina Ryabova, Hero of the Soviet Union, the navigator of squadron of the 46th guards female regiment of night bombers

Hiuaz Dospanova, 46th "Taman" Guards Night Bomber Aviation Regim

Hiuaz Dospanova, chief of communication 46 NLBR

Soldiers on marsh

The soldiers on the march.

Matilda Kshesinskaya | Матильда Кшесинская, 18

Matilda Kshesinskaya, 1890s

Alain Delon 1966

Alain Delon, 1966


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6 Responses to “History in Color From Olga Klimbim”

  1. Alper says:

    Holy shit, that was interesting. Duchess Olga Nikolaevna Romanova was really beautiful, shame what they did to her.

  2. john dudley says:

    Excellent photo’s, all we’re interesting.Thankyou for the posting.

  3. tom bauer says:

    Dmitri Shostakovich, beautiful music.

  4. matjaz says:

    what a great times from distance.
    and what is comming now ?))
    tovarisi pozdrav iz Yugoslavije, Matjaz

  5. Stojan G says:

    I assume the photo of Josip Broz Tito was taken in ‘Jaska’ alias Jastrebarsko (now Croatia) or Jajce (Bosina). Yazco city does not exist on whole the territory of the ex Yugoslavia.

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