1 10 Incredible Secrets of Siberia

10 Incredible Secrets of Siberia

Posted on December 1, 2016 by konst4

A couple held hands for 5,000 years

Archaeologists have recently discovered the Siberian couple who laid holding hands for 5000 years. Skeletons of the Bronze Age, belonged to high-ranking official and his wife or lover. Discovered on the shore of Lake Baikal pair belongs to the ancient Glazkovskaya culture. The burial contained a ring of rare white jade, pendants from the bones of red deer and musk deer teeth, 50-inch jade knife and an unidentified metal object, which was stored in the bag between the man’s feet.

The pair was found lying on their back. Their heads are turned to the West, but the hands are joined. Men’s skeleton preserved completely. Unfortunately, rodents destroyed the upper part of the female skeleton. Appointment of the large jade knife lying near woman is unknown. The bodies were found in the ancient sacred burial overlooking the lake. In order to curb looters, the exact place of burial is kept in secret.



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  1. RB says:

    I just had my mind blown over a piece of wood. lol Seriously when I first saw the carving on the first page I was in awe. Then no surprise to find out what it was and how old it is. I may have to send RT some change over this article. TY RT Cheers from Canada

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