0 The crowd gasped when they did it …

The crowd gasped when they did it …

The Chinese are very fond of status. How you dress, in which restaurant you eat, in which hotel you live, what brand of car you use, even the number of the vehicle is important – a certain combination of numbers and letters emphasize the importance of a citizen. And as if the citizen is also a pilot of a military aircraft, the worship of the common people in front of him certainly will be. Well, if the pilot is flying as part of the pilot group, then he is a king and god for them – they will carry him on hands and will be lining up to make a selfie with a pilot.

On the past salon, Sergei Bogdan was almost torn, so this time for the safety of the pilots they were taken by bus from the chalet to the aircraft, passing crowd.

I offer to look at the chronology of the demonstration flight, of “Russian Knights” and “Swifts” from a few days Airshow China Airshow-2016, and find out what fascinated the Chinese audience so much.


Not the usual view of the parking of the Su-27 near the A350.

“Russian Knights” and “Swifts” have their own maintenance aircraft – IL-76.

It is +25 outside, the sun is shining and viewers look for any shade to the shelter.

Technicians begin preparing the aircraft several hours before the performance.

Approximately 40 minutes before the start the pilots are brought by bus.

Final preparations …

Pilots and technicians inspect plane before the flight.

A check of the work of the nozzles, flaps, etc.


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