5 Soviet Sochi. 1988

Soviet Sochi. 1988

How people spent their holidays before. A few photos from the Soviet Sochi


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5 Responses to “Soviet Sochi. 1988”

  1. Timoulete76 says:

    2nd page last photo sunglasses from Futur !

  2. KLD says:

    Concrete and rocks. Looks really uncomfortable. Are there any beaches with sand in Sochi?

  3. Blau Punk says:

    Generation ‘P’

  4. Chac Mool says:

    Good picture choice in the first 2 pics. Not like todays’s skinny-ill, or fat “models”. Just a healthy, beatiful girl.

    Thanks ER

  5. Slaven says:

    Beautiful girls. Simple yet enough. Great vacations.

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