3 Abandoned Moscow ZIL Automotive Factory is Already Dead but is Still Interesting to See

Abandoned Moscow ZIL Automotive Factory is Already Dead but is Still Interesting to See

ZIL plant gradually dies, but this does not prevent lovers of ashes walk through it and explore the corners of this huge dump in search of the interesting angles. One-half of the plant is completely demolished, while the other is rapidly catching up the first part by the demolition.

New snow added some sadness to this area and some special entourage, which I decided to share with you in this review, while our dear and beloved ZIL has not yet become a full ZILART …

You can walk into the territory even through the checkpoint

On the abandoned gas stations no one would longer refuel

Some of the surviving plants are ready to meet you with a dozen workers, cutting metal, as well as holes in the roofs and structures

From the other survived only facades with broken windows

But in some places, there is still something alive – warehouses, renters, live production of forged parts for modern cars …

But soon the plant will be only in the memory of thousands of former workers and hundreds of vandals

Some areas look like landfills – here, for example, there is a mountain of stalls of Allokard

On the background of the mountain, there is a car dump

This is a very small but very interesting dump with different specific techniques. Here you can see the machines that were used for a variety needs, not only ZILs

On the roof of the container hides a piece of the cockpit of a racing truck

Near the mesh fence there is the van body, used for filming – even before there were passenger seats, and now there is only snow

Car of ambulance from Izhevsk plant Axion

It looks completely new, both outside and inside

Inside there are even stretchers and seats for doctors

Sunroof with symbols of ambulance

The security of the plant could ride on it, but it was broken

There is a luxury bus

Near there is a sad Ikarus

Returning to the racing theme, pay attention to the van-workshop which helped on autocross and rally team of ZIL

And broken racing ZIL of Sergey Safonov (Safonov Jr. – son of the famous racer, rally trucks legend)

It hasn’t got the engine, broken and very sad

Like the rest of the plant, previously cool and powerful plant that we will never forget. I think there will be a lot of reports from colleagues from ZIL – even after its final liquidation

Thank you for attention!


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3 Responses to “Abandoned Moscow ZIL Automotive Factory is Already Dead but is Still Interesting to See”

  1. john dudley says:

    Yes a piece of history gone forever,and the people that worked there ,very sad indeed.

  2. Darius says:

    The road of life is full of strange twists – Zil “gave birth” to Kamaz which is doing great, but Zil it self now died. Zil 170 was the prototype for the first Kamaz models. And the International COF-220 was the prototype for the Zil 170.

  3. Kristjan Freirik says:

    Isn’t it ironic that on one photo there is written RIP (in cyrillic letters)?

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