0 Color Photos of Russian Soldiers Inside of the Hitler Bunkers

Color Photos of Russian Soldiers Inside of the Hitler Bunkers

The camp commandant Captain Tom Sylvester immediately noticed three of the newly arrived prisoners, “two were tall, and the third was short, ugly and poorly dressed man." He sent the first two in separate chambers and decided to talk to the third. Suddenly he took off the bandage from his eyes, put on his glasses and said, "I am - Heinrich Himmler." Sylvester immediately called the Secret Service, from where two officers arrived, one of which was Chaim Herzog. In the evening arrived Robert Murphy - Head of the Secret Service at Montgomery's headquarters. Suspecting that Himmler could carry the poison to commit suicide, Murphy said to search
him. A search discovered a vial with poison. Then the doctor noticed strange object in the Himmler’s mouth and decided to bring it closer to the light. Then Himmler's jaw a vial with cyanide and a few seconds later he died (the death was registered at 11:04 May 23, 1945). After the body research, British buried remains of Himmler in Lüneburg Park. However, after some time it became necessary to re-study the body, as there were doubts about the identity of the person of Himmler. The body was exhumed and re-studied, after which it was cremated and the ashes scattered in the forest near Lüneburg.

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