0 Heroes of World War II in Colored Photographs

Heroes of World War II in Colored Photographs

I've been very happy that some of our archives has finally become generous and showed color photos of Moscow in 1945,
but no, it is just another masterpiece from a series of colorization by Olga Climbim. Moscow, May 9, 1945

4 Musk-ox against polar bears

Musk-ox against polar bears

In 1976 two dozen musk-ox were brought to the island of Wrangel, and in the following year they settled down and began to multiply. Musk-ox - large ungulate, however, related to the family of goats. Despite the name, it
hasn’t got relation with bulls and yaks. Weight up to 300 kg. The coat is very thick and long, helps to save warm even during severe frosts. In general, it is not surprising that they liked the island.

1 Excursion to the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics

Excursion to the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics

Miles of underground passages, particle accelerators, lasers, plasma generators and other wonders of science are in this report. Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics is the largest academic institution of the country, one of the world's leading centres in the field of high-energy physics and
accelerators, plasma physics and controlled nuclear fusion. The Institute carries out a large-scale experiments in elementary particle physics, modern accelerators, intense sources of synchrotron radiation and free electron lasers. For most of its areas, it is the only institute in Russia.

0 What’s inside Russian ComicCon 2016 and Russian GameCon

What’s inside Russian ComicCon 2016 and Russian GameCon

Today the 11th Igromir started. The exhibition of interactive entertainment again in its place: Crocus Expo, 4 halls, dozens of games and dozens of stands. ComicCon is also there. Main Russian convention is also there. That means hundreds of kinds of cosplay
and dozens of comics authors. A lot of iron also came here this year. I have always wondered why representatives of this trend do not come to people. Everything has changed! They came! A blogger went there and here is his impressions:

3 Competition of military pilots “Aviadarts 2016″

Competition of military pilots “Aviadarts 2016″

Su-25 CM3 Now we will talk only about aircrafts of contestants of military pilots’ competition "Aviadarts-2016." Unlike last year, this time, there was a different
composition, there was no Su-27SM, little of Su-24 and Su-34, but there were a lot of Su-25. Here is a story of a Russian blogger who went there:

4 Quintuplets from Odessa became real “stars” of Instagram

Quintuplets from Odessa became real “stars” of Instagram

This summer, a miracle happened in the regional perinatal center in Odessa: 37-year-old
Oksana Kobeletskaya that should have born two children became a mother of five!
11 Mathias Rust Landed on Red Square

Mathias Rust Landed on Red Square

May 28, 1987 the aircraft of 18-year-old German Mathias Rust landed on Red Square. What was it? A provocation of special services, marketing course or a hooliganism? There is no answer. Mathias Rust left Helsinki airport "Malami" on May 28. The ultimate goal of the sport aircraft Cessna was Stockholm. Finnish staff perplexed: there was no more than an hour and a half to Sweden, but the aircraft tanks were
filled to capacity. Mathias, of course, was not going to the Swedish capital. His purpose was Moscow but at that moment no one could even imagine it, so the flight was allowed. The first 20 minutes of the flight, the pilot was going along designated route, then he contacted the dispatcher, said he was all right and said goodbye. On that day, he no longer contacted anyone by radio. 

6 Soviet army in Afghanistan

Soviet army in Afghanistan

Photos of Soviet army in Afghanistan. Mostly from the
private collections. Just photos to feel the era.

2 Soviet Cuisine

Soviet Cuisine

Pickled stuffed peppers 1 kg sweet bell peppers 10 cloves of garlic 450 g parsley 300 g mint 450 g hot chili peppers 2 tbsp salt 1.2 l vinegar Wash peppers, cut off the stalk and clean the pepper from the seeds. Cook 1-2 min in a little salty water, drain the
water. Fill peppers with minced meat, adding a mixture of  the finely chopped garlic, fresh herbs and chilli hot peppers. Stack stuffed peppers in layers into a jar, each layer sprinkle with salt and vinegar. Close the jar and put it in a cool room.

2 Moscow of early 90’s in the photos of Dmitry Borko

Moscow of early 90’s in the photos of Dmitry Borko

Pedestrian subways in major cities have always been a kind of hallmark of the city, a sign of the times.
The famous pedestrian subway under the Pushkin Square in the 90s "Tube" under "Pushka"

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