0 Chukotka, the remains of the former greatness

Chukotka, the remains of the former greatness

Posted on October 30, 2016 by konst4

During our July trip to Chukotka, we visited a very interesting object, reminiscent about the past greatness of the country, which was called USSR. These are remains of the “Yukon” station, one of 46 tropospheric stations of the “North” tropospheric radio relay link. The line had a length of 13,200 kilometers, and provided connection between distant regions of the country.

The object is easily accessible, except the fact that it is situated on Chukotka. You can walk to it from Anadyr, but it’s tedious, so it is better to use motor vehicles. We came here with the staff of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, thank them very much for this. After the military went away from here there was an attempt to create a ski base there, but something went wrong, but maybe there is just not so many skiers in Anadyr.

Just a few years ago station looked like this. Giant “mattresses” were visible for many kilometers, and the locals relied on them when they were on the way home after traveling in the Chuckchee tundra. But things have changed.

Now this place looks much sadder, “mattresses” were dismantled, some metal was stolen for construction of beams. We walk through the area in silence.

People are gone, but rock and metal will remember their stay on this ground for a long time.


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