31 8 Frightening Facts about the Nuclear Arsenal of Russia (9 photos)

8 Frightening Facts about the Nuclear Arsenal of Russia (9 photos)

Posted on October 27, 2016 by konst4

Albert Einstein once said: “I do not know what weapons will be carried out in the World War III, but in the fourth would be used rocks!”. And looking at the current situation in the world, you begin to believe in it more and more. Here are some facts about the country’s nuclear arsenal, which prove that a nuclear war of mankind is not exactly necessary.

In Russia, there is the largest number of nuclear warheads in the world

Now, according to estimates by the international expert groups, which were made on the basis of reports in the within the exchange of the SOA-III data, Russia has 508 deployed strategic delivery vehicles. There is a total of 1,796 nuclear weapons. The nearest competitor – the United States – has got 1367 warheads on 681 vehicles. I should make a clarification that according to the same SOA-III, each deployed bomber counts as one nuclear warhead. But how many nuclear bombs and missiles at the same time it carries on itself – it is not considered.


In fact, there are much more nuclear units

The current number of active, deployed nuclear warheads regulated by SOA-III, under which they each country should have less than 1500. Both the US and Russia are close to this number. However, apart from nuclear units standing on duty, there is also a back-up, non-deployed warheads, including those which are in long-term storage. They need to be destroyed according to the contract, but no one is in a hurry to do this. According to various estimates, there are around 6800″canned” warheads in Russia, while the United States have about 7600 pieces.


Compared with the arms of the USSR it is still just a little

It may seem that 1,500 warheads – it is a lot. And this is indeed so. But the fact is that there were far more in the Soviet union. And not just a lot, times more. A maximum number of warheads in the Soviet Union in 1975 reached 46 thousand. For comparison: in the US in 1967 it was a maximum of 31 000 warheads.


Russian Strategic Missile Armament is the most technological in the world

The basis of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces are Soviet missiles “Voevoda” and “Topol” and later “Topol-M”, adopted in 1997. However, currently on duty, there are already more than 70 missiles RS-24 “Yars” of 2009 model. While those same States have got only one type – LGM-30G Minuteman-3, the last of which was made in 1978. That is the “youngest” of the rockets is now 38 years old.


It is no matter where Russian nuclear missiles fly from

Modern technologies allow to significantly increase the maximum flight range of intercontinental nuclear missiles. For example, most modern heavy liquid-fuel ICBM RS-28 “Sarmat”, which is only now being tested and will go into service in 2018. This missile is designed to replace R-36M2 “Voevoda”. The new rocket will not fly in a circular orbit, as usual, but on a suborbital trajectory. Taking into account that the maximum range, for which “Sarmat” is designed for, this means that you can launch the missile from anywhere in the world, at least from the South Pole.


Only one Voevoda missile can strike at once through all over the US

The missile system R-36M2 “Voevoda” is able to carry 10 individual warheads, each with a capacity of up to 750 kilotons. Total throw-weight is 8800 kg. But it is much more interesting: the radius of breeding of warheads is 3000 kilometers. That is, assuming that each warhead reaches the target, almost the entire territory of the USA will be hit. And this is only one missile. There is a total of 46 such complexes now in service.


Less than 1% of the world’s nuclear arsenal is necessary to make a nuclear winter on the planet

Experts estimate that in order to cause an unprecedented climatic effect, comparable to a small ice age, it would be enough if each of the two warring sides exploded about 50 charges. At the moment 50 charges, comparable in power to the bomb dropped on Hiroshima – are only 0.3% of the world’s nuclear arsenal. And there is no doubt that if nuclear war begins, then there will be detonated much more than 50 charges.


Military Doctrine of Russia does not exclude the combat use of nuclear weapons

According to the new wording of the document, Russia reserves the right to use nuclear weapons not only in response to a similar act by another State of aggression. Nuclear missiles can fly even if the event of a threat to Russia or its allies and other types of weapons of mass destruction occurs. And in the case of aggression against Russia with conventional weapons, if there is a threat to the existence of the state.


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31 Responses to “8 Frightening Facts about the Nuclear Arsenal of Russia (9 photos)”

  1. P51D007 says:

    If China, USA, Russia try to attack someone, or respond with nukes, everyone will start shooting them off. The South Pole, Tierra del Fuego and a few other spots will be about the only places to escape.

  2. Douglas says:

    Without using any nukes ever, their presence is destroying nations everywhere on the planet.
    The existence of nukes will destroy civilization….without ever using them.

  3. Tom McGaw says:

    Lovely, atomic threats, how 1950s of you.

  4. Tom McGaw says:

    It must be pointed out, there will be NO winners, only survivors. The aggressor in such an exchange WILL suffer from his own poisoning of the World’s environment as well as the poisons from his opponents weapons. Use of nukes is really like cutting off one’s own nose to spite one’s face.

    • Papa Karlo says:

      Yes but you have to take into account, there are millions of Russians who are willing to sacrifice their lives because their lives are so shitty they are not worth living anyway. Look at Ukraine, there Russian (and Ukrainian) soldiers die every day, and thousands of them are volunteers, too. You can’t say the same about US and NATO, there are only contract armies, and their soldiers surrender at first sign of real danger (recent captures of US, British Navy vessels without a single shot prove that) and complain about slightest inconvenience (like no transgender restrooms in the army).

      Russians have functioning bomb shelters in every major city. US and NATO have nothing. Their bosses (Obama, Merkel etc) have their shelters, and they don’t care about others. Obama, Clinton hate the United States and its citizens anyway, so they don’t care if all of them die. So they spend millions on supporting dictators in Asia and Africa, but can’t find money for civil defence in their own countries.

      • Agent Beeman says:

        …”You can’t say the same about US and NATO…”. LOLZ. Looks like you missed the Iraq War –and the thousands of American and British boys killed by the blatant LIES of their regimes… You also missed the countless Iraqis killed by those LIES, too. And now you have ISIS as a consequence, and more people are dying… So “nice”!

        …”their lives are so shitty they are not worth living….”. Don’t worry, “Karlo” boy. You also will be fried in that conflict. But warmongering Hillary and that Trump clown love to ignore it… You should thank that Russia (and Russians) are very PATIENT people. At least the Russians have shelters for the common people, not just for VIPs.

        You truly live in a weird dimension of your own, little deluded “Karlo” boy.

  5. Taneli Kanko says:

    Human race is stupid and their leaders are imbecile lunatics.

    • Papa Karlo says:

      Correction: Mankind has different races, many of which are stupid and ruled by imbecile lunatic leaders.

      • Agent Beeman says:

        Correction, “Karlo” freak. The human race is only one. Your badly hidden Racism is showing your true, dark colors. –Again…

        • Papa Karlo says:

          A freak is somebody who thinks that mankind has only one race. This means you, young wannabe communist “agent”.

          • Agent Beeman says:

            Wrong again, “Karlo” boy. But if you are a surviving Homo Erectus, or stray Neanderthal, then you’re not human. That wouldn’t be a surprise, little sadist freak.

  6. john dudley says:

    Very interesting posting,but totally insane that these things were ever built.

    • Papa Karlo says:

      It’s totally insane that these things are not built anymore. Survival of the fittest is the most powerful law of the nature. Nations which stop fighting for their own survival get exterminated or assimilated (like Germans) and are replaced by other nations or races, like Caucasian race is being replaced by Afroasians today.

      • Agent Beeman says:

        No, no, “Karlo” child. You’re the only insane Racist bigot here. Please confirm it again. And again…

        • Papa Karlo says:

          All you can confirm is that when leftist scam have no arguments, they resort to the only thing they can do – assign labels. YOU are the racist here, simply because the racist is anybody who calls somebody else racist.

          Real racism exists only in the sick minds of leftist racists like you. (Nazis were leftist too).

          • Agent Beeman says:

            …” racist is anybody who calls somebody else racist…”. Wrong again, little bigot. You have a knack for failures, “Karlo” boy.

            A Racist dupe, is someone who has “a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to dominate others…”. –Well, that means, YOU.


      • Rashomon says:

        ….” get exterminated or assimilated (like Germans) and are replaced by other…”. –LOL! It was precisely the mad racist Nazis who self-destroyed their country and people, just by hating everybody else.

        This is another reason why the usual LOSERS (like this “Karlo” loonie), never get to write History. They never learn anything from it.

        • Papa Karlo says:

          You are a moron. Germans survived WWII, their history, culture, people, language survived. But this refugee crisis, the Germans will not survive – they will get assimilated into new Arab culture, Sharia legislation, etc.
          Just last week, Austrian Supreme court ruled that an Arab who raped a 10-year old German boy in a public pool, was not guilty, because he could not understand that the boy said “No” while being raped.

          So in the sick perverted mind of Austrian Supreme court judges, the German boy had to learn Arabic before going to a public German pool, to avoid being raped by an criminal who was in the country illegally.

          You are a complete loon and moron if you don’t understand what’s happening, that this is much worse than what Germans had to endure during WWII.

          • Douglas says:

            Merkel thinks she is being humanitarian and kind to allow thousands of unemployable Muslim Arabs into Germany…..when in fact she is being a total fool. All the Muslim immigrants want are the freebies.

            • Rashomon says:

              All of Europe is facing a flood of foreign refugees because the US and NATO invaded Iraq based on LIES, destroyed Lybia, and still continue their crazy (and illegal) “Regime Change” policy, bombing countries and helping “moderate” terrorists.

              You thought there wouldn’t be repercusions? Now you know. Everything has consequences.

              • Douglas says:

                rashomon: You are partly wrong. Europe is having a FLOOD of refugees because people like Merkel-Germany, the Scandis, the UK and France, etc. are allowing it to happen. Its called being PC.
                Europe is being stupid to allow the refugees into their countries….very stupid. They will all regret it.

                • Rashomon says:

                  European ‘leaders’ not only “allowed” this flood to happen. They actually caused it, by destroying the countries of all those refugees in the first place. And these ‘leaders’ will continue to do so. Just look at Hillary’s crazy destructive rethoric. They will obey her no matter what.

                • Lord Palmerston says:

                  Douglas, the US Gov. and their European servants brought war, death and mayhem to the refuggee’s countries. That hasn’t changed. Hillary and their mouthpieces call that “Regime Change”.

                  Europe’s obedient, lame leadership has been working against its own people’s interests for many years.

          • Agent Beeman says:

            …” Germans survived WWII, their history, culture…”. –You mean, they survived their own crazy idea to start war against most of the planet, at the same time! LOLZ.

            And that’s without counting all “white” Europeans slaughtered in that “superior” disaster.

            …”You are a complete loon and moron…”. –Well, little mad racist, if you want more “White” folks dead horribly, let’s do that again!


  7. RB says:

    Telling us Russia can use Nukes whenever they want? It’s not like we thought you had to have written permission from the US.
    We know Russia has millions of nukes and is very powerful and is not afraid to use them and is not afraid to die etc,etc,.
    We already know all these things why do you keep reminding us?
    If you want to use them use them, otherwise can we get on with our movie its Friday night special, Terminator starring babushka as the Russian big shot.
    cheers and don’t forget popcorn with lots of butter

    • Papa Karlo says:

      I totally agree with you, when there is nothing people can do to make their government to care not only for their own pockets but for the mere lives of the taxpayers who make their (elites) useless lives possible, then all that is left to do is to get drunk or go to movies or play PC games or something.

      • Douglas says:

        You are mostly correct Karlo. Even people were desperate to kill Adolf …they could see that the horrible end was inevitable. There is very little the common man can do to change a government….unless they act as a group.

    • Agent Beeman says:

      ….”We already know all these things why do you keep reminding…”. –LOL. It seems your crazy armongering politicians like to forget facts in election season.

  8. Contessa says:

    How many nuclear warheads does one need? I’m from the USA, and the illustration of nuclear attack on our country is saddening. No one I know wants a war, and I hope you all feel the same way. I hope we can all come to an understanding sooner than later. I still hope to visit Lake Baikal someday.

    • Chac Mool says:

      That ‘illustration’ must be 25 years old, at least. The Soviet Union ceased to exist DECADES ago. Hope that kind of fearmongering propaganda is taken as it is: Utter Nonsense. I also want to visit the Russian Far East someday.

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