1 1993-1996 .. Lucian Perkins in Russia

1993-1996 .. Lucian Perkins in Russia

Posted on October 26, 2016 by konst4

1993 Bloody May Day. Victim of police brutality

1993 Bloody May Day. Last demonstrator of communists demonstration goes away after a clash with police

1993 Two young girls from the group of 190 people agreed to be baptized in the Moscow River

1993 Covrov. Strict regime camp 150 miles east from Moscow. The prisoners laugh, how a thief shows his tattoos to photographer

1993 A pensioner exchanges the food for a portion of the hymns in the Moscow department of the sect of Krishna Jara

1993 Crowds of people gather on Red Square for a demonstration in support of President Yeltsin, after the parliament impeached him

1993 Passers look how president troops take up positions around the White House

1993 Onlookers watch at the assault of the White House

1993 Mother weeps at the funeral of her son, officer of SWAT, who was killed during the assault of parliament

1993 Mariner posing with his friend in the Navy Day in Gorky Park

1996 Two girls talking to each other during a wedding ceremony in Moscow


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  1. Dragi says:

    Really a great collection! 90s were such a disaster in some ways, and yet necessary and successful in other.

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