2 1976 year in color. Life in the Soviet Union 40 years ago

1976 year in color. Life in the Soviet Union 40 years ago

Posted on October 23, 2016 by konst4

Talking about the memorable films  we have “12 chairs” with Andrei Mironov and Lyubov Polishchuk:

And the major hit was the family musical film “Mother” with Gurchenko and Boyarskiy:

1-2 January 1976, the premiere of the film “The Adventures of Buratino ” that forever entered the life of Soviet children:

But among the Soviet premiers of 76-th there were such films to which children were not allowed, and parents tried to get away them from the TV screen.

Svetlana Toma in a scene of Rada Lotyanu swimming ” Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven ” 1976:

Musical life in the country is also rich. “Pesnyary” band released hit album “Vologda”, the title track of which became the unofficial anthem of the city with the same name:

However, the song of the year of 1976 was the memorable “Belarus” from the same “Pesnyary”:

It also became the unofficial anthem of Belarus:

My youth, Belarus,

Song of the Partisans, pine trees and fog.

Song of the Partisans, scarlet dawn,

My youth, Belarus

Incredible, but I remember how parents listened to a record of this song in the countryside in 1976!

Style of Soviet citizens in 1976 on the image of Jacques Dyupake:

The era of jeans is still far, and even women’s pants are a rarity. But the bright colors are in fashion for a long time.

A typical winter clothing from the 76th:

Those who lived at the time, never forget these handsets and modest charm of Soviet eateries:

1976 in the Soviet Union can’t be imagined without the ubiquitous buses LIAZ-677, that evil tongues for some reason called “cattle carriers”:


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  1. Papa Karlo says:

    Life in Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Baltic states rocked. But moving to those places from another city was not allowed by state authorities.

    Everywhere else, life sucked. In 1976, I lived in a large industrial city. In my class of 40 students, only 1 student had a home phone, because his father was a manager of a factory. In Moscow, every single person had a home phone.
    In our stores, all you could find were these pyramids of canned food you can see on one of these photos, because there was nothing else in the stores.
    Chocolate did not exist in our stores, you had to go to Moscow to buy it.
    This SOB Brezhnev must have eaten 10 times more meat in one day than our whole family in one month. His dogs ate more, for sure.
    Meat and butter were rationed, we could only buy one pound of butter per month per person (400 grams) and 3 pounds of meat per person (1400 grams). Meat included any “meat product” including bones, and butter sometimes had a lot of water in it (they blended water into butter in the milk factories to steal the difference). But in Moscow nothing was rationed, you could buy whatever you wanted. We went to Moscow as you would go to another country, like from Zimbabwe to Italy.

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