2 The largest waterfall in Russia

The largest waterfall in Russia

Posted on October 16, 2016 by konst4

A simple and ordinary post about Plateau Pytoran – lost world of Siberia has attracted a lot of attention and all because we know so little attractions in the country. Periodically you have to be really surprised. Let’s continue studying native open spaces.

Talnikoviy waterfall – the largest in Russia. The waterfall is located on a Pytoran plateau (Central Siberian Plateau) in Putoranskiy Reserve on Lake Dyupkun on its left bank, between the mouths of the 1st and 2nd Gagariya rivers.

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Their greatness fascinates tourists and its power makes people admire it. “Falling Water” always attracted not only humans, but also animals. For example, peals of waterfalls are used by birds during migration.

Nature gave man a lot of miracles, which you can watch endlessly. Beautiful mountains, where in the lower reaches meadows with green grass are spread and mountain tops are covered with snow.

Rivers, including the mountain ones, which, depending on the season can relax with their tranquility in a dry warm weather, or cause involuntary respect, bordering even with some fear of water flow power, smashing everything in its path in a row during the spill. But the most fascinating thing – are, undoubtedly, waterfalls …

Very interesting pattern, all the large width waterfalls on earth are on the border of two or more States. Apparently, this is no accident. Extensive waterfalls – are insurmountable natural frontiers, near which the borders were established before.

The planet has a whole cluster of these “diamond water”. For example, in the Caucasus Teberda nature reserve in the valley of the river Salynngan there is a valley of “Thirty waterfalls.” In Japan, in the park on the island of Honshu hundred waterfalls falls on the valley of Osunidani. Norway is named as country of waterfalls. And only a few people know that a small kingdom in the mountains of Lesotho in South Africa in Africa – it is a chain of 3 thousand waterfalls

Well, what is the biggest waterfall in Russia. In Russia, there are however, not so much of them. And so more useful it would be for tourists interested in the beauty of the native nature, to visit the largest waterfall of the country – Talnikoviy. We can say that in our country and throughout Asia the highest waterfall is Talnikoviy waterfall. Almost no one knows that it is situated in the nature reserve “Putoranskiy” in the Central Siberian Plateau in Taimyr. But almost everybody knows that this is considered to be most beautiful water cascade in Russia.

What is most interesting – the waterfall is really the biggest, but its height couldn’t be measured for quite a long time. Moreover – information about it, written in the encyclopedic sources, did not correspond to the truth, since they were taken from the diaries of explorer Babitskiy, who studied the waterfall flowing into a river of the same name (so, it should be called Talnikovskiy).

And the Talnikovskiy waterfall is on at a distance from the river – it starts on the Trapecia Mountain in the Central Siberian Plateau. At least, that’s how it was described in discoverer Afanasiev notes. There are a lot of debates about the height of the waterfall, different researchers show different numbers: they range from 482 to 700 m.

For a long time, the waterfall was one of those natural objects, which are called “mythical” – there was a description, even two, and this caused the confusion, but there were no photos. Strictly speaking, there are no waterfall pictures even now, there is only a photo provided by Mikhail Afanasiev, made at a time when the waterfall was dry, so, in fact, it’s just a photo of crevice. Perhaps this mystique was the main reason why the waterfall was one of the few natural objects that have their own website, where all the information on it is brought together.

Of course, this aura of mystery has its own appeal – many people would like to see something which existence has been questioned for so long with their own eyes. Therefore, different expeditions search for this waterfall. If anyone of the readers will come up with the idea to become a part of such an expedition, or to organize his own, we want to warn you – it makes sense only in July and August, because in all other months the flow dries up due to drought or freezes by Taimyr cold according to the description of Afanasyev. However, even if you do not succeed – there is always something to see in Taimyr.

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