2 The largest waterfall in Russia

The largest waterfall in Russia

Posted on October 16, 2016 by konst4

A simple and ordinary post about Plateau Pytoran – lost world of Siberia has attracted a lot of attention and all because we know so little attractions in the country. Periodically you have to be really surprised. Let’s continue studying native open spaces.

Talnikoviy waterfall – the largest in Russia. The waterfall is located on a Pytoran plateau (Central Siberian Plateau) in Putoranskiy Reserve on Lake Dyupkun on its left bank, between the mouths of the 1st and 2nd Gagariya rivers.

Look at this place…



Their greatness fascinates tourists and its power makes people admire it. “Falling Water” always attracted not only humans, but also animals. For example, peals of waterfalls are used by birds during migration.

Nature gave man a lot of miracles, which you can watch endlessly. Beautiful mountains, where in the lower reaches meadows with green grass are spread and mountain tops are covered with snow.

Rivers, including the mountain ones, which, depending on the season can relax with their tranquility in a dry warm weather, or cause involuntary respect, bordering even with some fear of water flow power, smashing everything in its path in a row during the spill. But the most fascinating thing – are, undoubtedly, waterfalls …


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