7 Crazy apartment interiors of Russian “millionaires” (37 photos)

Crazy apartment interiors of Russian “millionaires” (37 photos)

Posted on October 11, 2016 by konst4

Rich Russian people who spend a lot of money on interior design prefer luxury apartments in prestigious residential complexes. Furthermore, we offer to look at the most innovative solutions, which might seem to us as a bad taste, although in fact, it is nothing more than a “unique architectural design.” By the way, most of these apartments can be found on the websites of real estate agencies, where they are rent out or sold.

First of all, we go here – in RC on Mosfilmovskaya

Many apartments are rented there: the prices are crazy, interiors too.
“Apocalypse Now”: 3 rooms, 345 thousand rubles a month.

“Big Brother and the bloody regime”: 3 rooms, 422.5 t.r. per month

And here is the penthouse – “neon brothel” 7 rooms, 4 bathrooms and 900 t.r. per month

Generally, the interior is created in great details: there is even a barrage for face control.

But there is nothing to feel “like home”. Of course, if you haven’t dreamed of spending your life behind the bar.

Let’s go further: Krasnaya Presnya.


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7 Responses to “Crazy apartment interiors of Russian “millionaires” (37 photos)”

  1. Kent_Diego says:

    Really like the polished stone walls. Many seem to be a bit overdone.

  2. Lumpy Gravy says:

    Oh no! What a kitsch fest! These images demonstrate once again that obscene riches and a cultured good taste seldom go hand in hand: The criminal brutes who in the early 90s appropriated almost everything that wasn’t nailed to the floor show off their bad taste in such a vulgar display of wealth. Russia has not yet entirely recovered from Yeltsin’s Pinochetismo and its all-out attack on the Russian people. Millions have withered away before their time, unreported and unmourned, because misery and abject poverty were the direct consequences of the greed, the sanctioned theft and the unregulated capitalism Yeltsin’s locusts have inflicted on the Russian people (with the help of the IMF, the World Bank and the CIA). These gangsters make a mockery of Russia’s democracy and they pose a constant threat to the country’s institutions and and to its government. There are plenty of genuinely successful businesses that sprang up in the early 90s (Yandex, Kapersky …) which have created jobs and contributed to Russia’s economic growth. Yeltsin’s gangsters have only taken away from the country and they stash their stolen cash abroad.

  3. Alain says:

    Reminds me of Yanukovych and his clique in Ukraine. And you do not show the interior of Putin’s and Medvedev’s palaces. Seems Russia desperately needs a cleaning too !

    • Cover me, Porkins! says:

      …”Putin’s and Medvedev’s palaces…”. No “Alain”. Nobody shows them because those belong to the State. Try something else…

      …”Yanukovych and his clique in Ukraine…”. -LOL. You see, “Alain”, Ukraine remains as corrupted as it was before the coup. Even the EU itself flatly denied the membership some Ukraininans revolted for. This would be hilarious, but too many folks have died that nonsense.

      …” Russia desperately needs a cleaning…”. Russia? No website shows the kitsch ostentaion of Trump, or Hillary’s corporate sponsors in Wall Street and DC. Now, that’s a Ruling Oligarchy… Russians are cradle babies in comparison.

      Now, cry some more…

  4. Sonia Grodzka says:

    Wow. These are absolutely hideous. What bad taste.

  5. Douglas says:

    Why didn’t they hire some Russian gay man as decorator for these apartments? They usually have better taste than what we see here. What an embarrassment.

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