5 Not Always Funny. 6 Russian Wedding Traditions

Not Always Funny. 6 Russian Wedding Traditions

Posted on October 10, 2016 by marina

Nowadays there are some customs that should be used at the Russian wedding. But sometimes it looks inappropriate and people just show their bad manners in public. I repeat, some people behave that way at their weddings, not everyone! Please, I just don’t want you to consider all the Russians to be such strange people! These photos may shoсk you.

You will read about some Russian old traditions that are used almost at every wedding. But someone follow these traditions beautifully, and someone… Well, you will see.

1. Detailed “Morning of the bride” under the supervision of a photographer

This part of the wedding day is not less important than the banquet or hike in the civil registry (here Russian people register the marriage, not in the churches). The main purpose is to seize the brightest and the most beautiful moments of the preparation of bride for the holiday. However, often the bride turns the preparation into an unnecessary detailed report. As a result, relatives in stretched sweat pants and T-shirts, mess and other unsightly items begin to appear on wedding photos.

*Zhirnova* (the last name)

2. Paying the ransom

Once the groom arrives at the bride’s home, he must pay a ransom for the bride, a term in Russian known as vykup nevesty (выкуп невесты). Usually, it happens in the apartment building, where colored balloons and ribbons connot hide the fact, that the staircase has not been repaired at least for several decades.

3. False bride

It happens that the script of the ransom provides a test for the groom as a meeting with the false bride. This role is often played by men. This “bride” sits at the apartment where the groom is coming, and waits for him.

When the groom comes in, his “bride” appears in front of her future newlywed in all her glory.

After that joke the guests show to the groom his real bride while the false one may have a rest.

4. The bride’s shoe

The groom paid a ransom for his bride. But suddenly her shoe disappeared. So he also had to pay for her shoe to find it and put on the foot of his Cinderella.

Another custom connected with the shoe is a sip of alcohol from the bride’s shoe. As practice shows, the grooms who care about their bride’s hygiene and dryness of feet prefer to use shoes only as a support.

And some of them prefer not to think about it  and drink right out of the shoe to the delight of the guests. 

5. Vulgar contests

Some masters of ceremonies think that a wedding shouldn’t be without uncontrolled dance, striptease, and contests with vulgar jokes.


Often food become unwitting participant in such contests. More often these are bananas and carrots because of their shape.


It happens, some pictures taken during these games, subsequently take place in the wedding album. After processing in Photoshop, of course.8532600

6. Street photoshoot

There are couples who invite a professional photographer to their wedding and set to him the task of making the highest quality images in a festive atmosphere, which will not be ashamed to be shown to the grandchildren. And there are couples who prefer a quite strange approach: an amateur photographer and shooting in the most unsightly places.



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5 Responses to “Not Always Funny. 6 Russian Wedding Traditions”

  1. Lumpy Gravy says:

    I find the poor condition of some of the flats and houses shocking. How can people celebrate and enjoy a supposedly happy event as a wedding party in such a rotten environment? As to the idiotic, decadent and depraved antics of some of these people, this is nothing new and it is certainly not a typically Russian thing. You should see the intoxicated morons and moronesses at stag and hen parties in the UK …

  2. Kent_Diego says:

    Very interesting traditions and fun to see.
    The first poster mentioned the poor conditions of the apartments. If I lived there I would buy a can of paint and take two hours to paint the walls myself. There is no excuse to have walls with 30 years of neglect.

    • Douglas says:

      These living conditions in Russia are considered normal. Of course not by everyone but many.

    • darius says:

      The not so funny funny thing is that in some cases you might be “punished” or you would have to do some explaining to do for “exceeding your authority”… At least I would not be surprised. For sure some would congratulate you, bu there would be some that would complain because they did not liked the color you chose :)

  3. Leigh Saunders says:

    We are conditioned to believe wealth is necessary for any happiness, without it we must be unhappy, unfulfilled, etc, we become driven to work all hours of the day, do anything for a dollar, and become heartless and ruthless. What I see here are genuine people who know how to make happiness with very little, because they have found each other. I like the idea of making a game of it, having the bride “kidnapped” and replaced by a hairy guy in bad makeup. The master of ceremonies “clangers” got a laugh from me. I think its a mistake to spend huge amounts on weddings, it happens often here, some people spend enough money to put a deposit on a house on a wedding, why not just put the deposit on a house and have a wedding in the park or as a theme or party? It all looks like a lot of fun!

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