4 Musk-ox against polar bears

Musk-ox against polar bears

Posted on October 5, 2016 by konst4

In 1976 two dozen musk-ox were brought to the island of Wrangel, and in the following year they settled down and began to multiply. Musk-ox – large ungulate, however, related to the family of goats. Despite the name, it hasn’t got relation with bulls and yaks. Weight up to 300 kg. The coat is very thick and long, helps to save warm even during severe frosts. In general, it is not surprising that they liked the island.

Today these animals are true masters of Wrangel and close neighbors of polar bears. According to recent data their population has reached the limits of the area – more than 850 heads. It’s naturally that musk-ox often meet bears and one such meeting I was able to film …

Musk-ox live in a herd:

But herd is more similar to the grief – it has a strong male and a bunch of females:


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  1. Stojan G says:

    Great pics! Your favorite photo is really stunning!

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  3. RB says:

    I love the first picture, they be like “dude there are a thousand square miles to roam around, why we be standin here like idiots? lol

  4. L R Tuggle says:

    Wonderful photos. Enjoyed the comments as well. Thank you for an educational experience.

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