0 What’s inside Russian ComicCon 2016 and Russian GameCon

What’s inside Russian ComicCon 2016 and Russian GameCon

Posted on October 4, 2016 by konst4

Today the 11th Igromir started. The exhibition of interactive entertainment again in its place: Crocus Expo, 4 halls, dozens of games and dozens of stands. ComicCon is also there. Main Russian convention is also there. That means hundreds of kinds of cosplay and dozens of comics authors. A lot of iron also came here this year. I have always wondered why representatives of this trend do not come to people. Everything has changed! They came!

A blogger went there and here is his impressions:

This year the show first had fewer visitors that in the previous year. 10-fold there was an increase, and now it decreases. The reason for this is not only a crisis in the world but also global changes in gaming. Our domestic player used to be a classic, but the world is changing faster and faster. Not all were able and willing to adapt to this. Is it worth it to go there this weekend? Let’s make a general opinion?


I warn you: today was only the first day. It is a day for the press, business and guests. There were not so much activities, many of the scenes were empty. Those activities, which are waiting for you on the stages in the remaining three days, are not presented here. Now we’ll talk about this stands and activities near them.

The main trend in 2016 – the entrance to the VR world. A virtual reality. Helmets have become more massive and accessible. They are supplied with smartphones or separately. All energy of the year is directed on them. Sometimes even so, that you play on a wide triple-monitor and in glasses you don’t this monitor…

The second trend – the development of a new era of computer gaming. Main world consoles – PlayStation and Xbox – acquire new version. Intermediate generation PS4 Pro has already caused a lot of disputes. Xbox Scorpio has got another year and would try to be a much stronger than a competitor, but it does not realize that by doing so it will make even more variation in prices, the level of consoles and trouble for any multi-platform developers.


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