1 Excursion to the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics

Excursion to the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics

Posted on October 4, 2016 by marina

Miles of underground passages, particle accelerators, lasers, plasma generators and other wonders of science are in this report.

Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics is the largest academic institution of the country, one of the world's leading centres in the field of high-energy physics and accelerators, plasma physics and controlled nuclear fusion. The Institute carries out a large-scale experiments in elementary particle physics, modern accelerators, intense sources of synchrotron radiation and free electron lasers. For most of its areas, it is the only institute in Russia.

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*Institute of Nuclear Physics*

The first device that meet visitors right in the hallway of the Institute, is this resonator and a bending magnet with VEPP-2М. Today they are museum exhibits.
This is a resonator. In fact, this is a particle accelerator.

Installation with colliding electron-positron beams VEPP-2М began working in 1974. Until 1990, it was modernized several times, injection part has been improved and new detectors for experiments in high-energy physics have been installed.

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The bending magnet deflecting a beam of elementary particles to pass around the ring.

VEPP-2М is one of the first colliders in the world. The author of the ground-breaking idea to collide opposing beams of elementary particles was the first director of the Institute of Nuclear Physics - Gersh Budker. This idea became a revolution in high-energy physics experiments and allowed to go to a new level. Now, this principle is used worldwide, including the Large Hadron Collider.


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