3 Competition of military pilots “Aviadarts 2016″

Competition of military pilots “Aviadarts 2016″

Posted on October 4, 2016 by konst4

Su-25 CM3

Now we will talk only about aircrafts of contestants of military pilots’ competition “Aviadarts-2016.”

Unlike last year, this time, there was a different composition, there was no Su-27SM, little of Su-24 and Su-34, but there were a lot of Su-25. Here is a story of a Russian blogger who went there:

Weather deserves a special note. And although during the Aviadarts there were rainy days which were the cause of cancellation of flights, as a whole, the sun during the day tried to burn everybody.


By the middle of the day, the blood nearly boiled, and the body refused to move. There was only one thought in the head – to find the fridge and hide from the sun. And only the splash of adrenaline from the roar of engines and the smell of kerosene forced to find the strength to continue photographing.

But after the flight change, half alive, looking through the footage you start getting delight from received photos. However, there is always something that you want to photograph better and it makes you go and photograph again and again. By the way, in early summer, I made photos of the all-Russian stage of “Aviadarts-2016″ in the Crimea, and there was also a very harsh sun, but the heat was much easier there than in Ryazan.

MiG-29UB “Strigi”




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  1. JP says:

    Thanks for the pictures….I will never see anything like these where I come from

  2. KLD says:

    Hi all, Looking through this latest post of military aircraft got me wondering….how do you all feel about Trump and his possible burgeoning friendship with President Putin? It really is a shame that we have been enemies for so long. Do you see a better future between our two countries with Trump or Clinton as President?

    • Hans says:

      IMHO, both Donald and Hillary are the WORST candidates possible in a lot of decades. BOTH are useless. That said, in Foreign Policy, Trump managed to rightly question the current status quo, which has been (and is) truly “a disaster”.

      Hillary has the worst policy and attitude against a country that has done nothing against the US. She’s working for the Military Contractors, who would go broke without an ‘enemy’ to justify all the already gigantic military expenses.

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