4 Ways How to Protect Yourself from a Polar Bear

Ways How to Protect Yourself from a Polar Bear

Russian bloger Sergey went to this island, and here is his story:

During 4 days on Wrangel Island, we have seen 169 polar bears. Sometimes they came very close to us, but no one was hurt. At the same time, neither we, nor our guides had any weapons, except a pepper spray and rockets that no one even used.

We followed the rules designed by the most authoritative and experienced Russian scientist studying polar bears – Nikita Ovsyanikov. Nikita has lived on Wrangel Island for several decades and has met lots of bears. He never carries weapons but has used a pepper spray 3 times.

I don’t know whether you’ll meet a polar bear one on one someday, but these simple rules can save your life when you meet any large predator.

In order to understand how to behave, you have to know something about polar bears.

1. A polar bear is a predator. It is not a teddy bear from children’s store. It can kill, even though it looks fluffy.
2. Polar bears are very careful. To hunt, they need to be healthy. A wounded bear would not be able to feed itself, so bears go into battle only in extreme cases. In 99% of cases they prefer to run away if they see that you do not run first.
3. Polar bears are very curious. There is not enough food in the Arctic, and bears come to explore everything that is unusual. So if a polar bear comes to you, most likely it’s because of curiosity, and not in order to eat you.
4. Polar bears do not consider human beings to be food. They eat seals mainly, which are caught while they rest on the ice.
5. Polar bears are well aware of body language. They well understand if you’re afraid or not.
6. Polar bears have a herd reflex: If one bear runs, the others will run, too. Not even understanding why they run away. Just to be on the safe side.

A contact with a polar bear can occur for three reasons:

1. You provoke it yourself. For example, deciding to feed a bear with condensed milk, as explorers loved to do. Or perhaps you go close to the bear to take a selfie.

This picture was taken at Cape Schmidt in Chukotka


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  1. Paul Simon says:

    Do my eyes deceive me, or are the having a picnic in a landfill?

  2. Vijay says:

    Thank you Nikita and Sergey for this very informative and helpful blog.

  3. Rob Normann says:

    Great Pictures and valuable advices. I will try to remember when I meet a bear, if I do not get disturbed by my wet pants.

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