0 Crimean beaches in 20 – 50 years of the XX century

Crimean beaches in 20 – 50 years of the XX century

Here we present a set of old photographs of girls and women, who long ago visited the coast of the Crimea. The photos were taken during the first half, and the beginning of the second half of the last century, and the bather’s swimsuits are representative of this particular era.

Further, in the author’s words:

Some of the most famous Crimean bathers: Empress Alexandra and her maid of honor, Anna Vyrubova, in the water. (Livadia, 1913)

This lady with grapes is also among the first Crimean bathers who were photographed there. Her name remains a secret, but the place and the year are known: Yevpatoriya, 1916-th.

Another stranger on the beach. Judging by the background – a city beach in Yalta. Let’s try to calculate the date ourselves. The swimsuit is still quite austere, so I would say – the first half of the 1920’s.

We know much more information about this lover of sea bathing. She is a clerk of the Moscow Insurance Agency, 21-year-old Vera A. Pavlova. During a vacation at the Evpatoria resort, “New Life”, in July and August 1926, she took a few photos on the beach. A year later, she gave them to her sister, and one of her distant descendants posted them more than 80 years later in one of the most popular resources of retro photos. Very expressive photos aren’t they! Perhaps as is the model herself.


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