2 Army 2016 Dynamic show in Alabino

Army 2016 Dynamic show in Alabino

Today the International Military-Technical Forum "Army 2016" opened.

Now I want to offer you to look at the open part of the dynamic show of military technique, which is shown to the mass media.

Across the network:


1. We could watch the tank firing

2. TV operators worked in such conditions

3. The gunners on the position


Also see this:

2 Responses to “Army 2016 Dynamic show in Alabino”

  1. LC says:

    And… you keep pissing away millions showing off WWII tech for…?

    • Philip Jennings says:

      WWII Tech? You’re a funny kid. I wonder why your Pentagon is so scared, and needs to spend even more. Well, it’s your money anyway.

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