1 Journey to Wrangel Island

Journey to Wrangel Island

Russian bloger Sergey went to this island and here is his story below:

People often ask me: “Are there places where you haven’t been, but really want to get there?” of course, such places exist, and one of them is Wrangel Island in the Chukchi Sea.

The remoteness and the lack of any logistics make it almost impossible to visit. The most convenient and comfortable way is to sit on the expedition ship Professor Khromov that commits several expeditions to the island each year.

This is exactly what I did for the implementation of my dream and today I’ll tell you the story about this amazing journey.

Our expedition started in Anadyr. Despite the fact that the city stands on the water, there was no a suitable berth to which Khromov could moor. Therefore, passengers on the ship were transported by barge. Usually, these barges move cars from one bank to another.

But without cars it is more comfortable:


On the day of our departure there was a stormy sea: 

Ship statistics:

Length 71.6 meters
Width 12 meters
Draft 4.5 meters
Tonnage 2 140 tonnes
1 screw + two thrusters
2 engines
22 crew members
50 passengers

Barge moored to Khromov and we quickly went to the ship:

It is equipped with two lifeboats on 40 persons each:

The first two decks are for the crew, and the passengers are locateв with from third to fifth. On the sixth there is a radio room and the captain’s bridge:

There are many different types of cabins on the ship. I lived in a small cabin without conveniences and with two beds. I lived alone, so it was quite comfortable. There was was a sink in the cabin but a shower and a toilet were down the hall:

The main places where all gathered was a bar or a library:


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