0 Gudym, Chukotka. Nuclear portal of the Kuzkina mother

Gudym, Chukotka. Nuclear portal of the Kuzkina mother

Even those who worked there did not even know what was inside this top-secret facility. The legacy of the times of “cold war”, the storage of nuclear warheads, located in the immediate vicinity from the borders of a potential enemy. Kilometer tunnel carved into the rocks of Chukotka still have many secrets. Russian blogger Zhzhitel went there and here is his story:
I’ve heard a few names of this place: Magadan-11, Anadyr-1, Object C, Gudym. The locals call it a portal or hole.
Let’s look inside it.

Object “C” was built in 1958 in total secrecy. It is even hard to imagine how much the construction of the facility in terms of Chukotka costs. In 1961, the underground base started its combat duty.

There are two entrances to the base, for some reason designated as Entrance 14 and Entrance 15. Why there is such numbering and where the rest of the inputs – nobody knows.

Entrance to the tunnel is large, you can even drive there on the “UAZ”, and we did it for the sake of staged photography. Then we go on foot.

It is dark, cold and wet here. In order to take photographs, we brought tripods and powerful lights with us.

The tunnel has the bends, so that if something happens, it could extinguish the shock wave.

Look at the halls, there were cables a few years ago. Now they were dragged by hunters for non-ferrous metals.

In several places, the tunnel was blocked with heavy gates weighing 40 tons. The object could retain full autonomy even in a nuclear explosion.

There are several branches from the main tunnel. We visited almost all.

In the tunnel there are rails. Cargo moved on trolleys.

The main purpose of the object: storage and maintenance of nuclear warheads for missile system of medium-range RSD-10 “Pioneer”, according to NATO SS-20 specification. These rockets and launching sites were located nearby, in the town Gudym-2.

Headquarters. The clock shows that the time has stopped.

Remember the term “arms race”? We can see that a lot of the Soviet Union money went here. The object was strategic, Nikita Khrushchev himself banged his shoe on the podium and promised to show the “kuzkina mother” The country should be prepared for a nuclear war at any scenario, the missiles were placed in Chukotka. The portal stored warheads, things that require constant temperature and humidity, highly qualified service staff.

In the side branches of the main tunnel there were located storages, ventilation rooms, rest rooms and other facilities.

In accordance with its purpose base existed until 1986. Then the warming of relations between the USSR and the USA began. There was signed an Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, according to which a base has removed all nuclear weapons, underground rooms were used as a storage base for Anadyr garrison.


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