3 Eric Sabo and His Famous Car Projects

Eric Sabo and His Famous Car Projects

A Russian artist Eric Sabo deserves the title “classic of Soviet design” for the creation of the minibus “Youth”.

Actually, Mr.Sabo is the author of dozens of projects, many of which were translated into serial production. In 1957, Eric Sabo, a graduate of the Moscow School of Industrial Art (the famous “Stroganov”), was sent to the Likhachev plant. To check the “professional suitability”, the fellow had to update the appearance of the ZIS-110.


The new full-face of an outdated limousine was so transformed, that a young talent immediately got a serious job. Few people know that the exteriors of ZIL-130 and ZIL-131 were created by Erik Sabo’s pencil and brush.


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  1. Douglas says:

    I want to study at the Moscow School of Art….perfect place to prolong my childhood. Its the same worldwide.

  2. dukeb0y@hotmail.com says:


  3. Lipto says:

    A great deal of his work seems ‘derivative’ from other designs, but it is impossible to argue that there is not a grand spark of exceptionalism, creativity, practicality, functionality and, above all, creativity in his finished works.

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