8 They can see everything from the top: Russian army reconnaissance drones

They can see everything from the top: Russian army reconnaissance drones

For any intelligence service it is important to see the whole picture. The easiest way is to do it from the air, so UAV – unmanned aerial vehicles, have been used by the Russian army to do this for several years. In a couple of hours, a makeshift airport is built in the forest. Select the area, establish a connection and check the settings, set guards on the perimeter, and that’s all! You can operate the first drone. Let’s walk through and take a look at all this.

The first drone is preparing to fly

And on the ground, in the neighboring bushes there is a preflight service


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8 Responses to “They can see everything from the top: Russian army reconnaissance drones”

  1. Papa Karlo says:

    Come on! Not “reconciliation” drones, but RECONNAISSANCE drones! Reconciliation means примирение, pacification, reconnaissance means разведка. Unless you are being sarcastic, meaning that the drones used to correct artillery fire, reconciliate people by killing them.
    Which has some truth to it – a dead enemy is your friend.

    • Peter Nebelung says:

      Sorry mate but reconciliation means to match records or viewpoints. So if they think there is something out there at position x, this bird will “reconcile” that possibility by verifying it. IE match what they think they know with what is really there. OR recon in other words, but the term as used is just fine.

  2. Alain says:

    Funny : I saw exactly the same shot down in Donbas. But, no, there is no Russian soldiers in Ukraine. Vova swore it…

    • Cover me, Porkins! says:

      …”I saw exactly the same shot down in Donbas…”. Really “Alain”? You say you were there, and totally ignored the locals’ opinion? Why? Ah, we know. You want all the local people killed! Do you think they arrived there yesterday? Sorry, but they have been living there for centuries. You didn’t know?

      Try harder next time, little sadist liar. And cry some more…

    • Oscar Goldman says:

      Yes, it’s funny, “Alain”. Of course, you can’t be taken seriously at all, but don’t be surprised if the BIG relatives of the people living there, come to fight back and help them (with or without a Regular Army). Especially when they are bombed and killed inside their villages and houses. Are you still ‘surprised’?


  3. Frank says:

    To the author: they are “reconnaissance” drones.
    Reconciliation is when you have been fighting with somebody and you both decide to become friends.
    Thanks for the contribution and keep up the good work.

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