0 Flying over the Pacific North of Russia

Flying over the Pacific North of Russia

A photographer went on a plane above Russian Pacific North. Here is his story:

It is difficult to be a photographer. You can’t even sleep during the flight. Otherwise, you can miss all the beauty. And it was one of the most beautiful flights of my life. The road from Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky takes about 8 hours. And almost all the time the aircraft is flying over the vast Far North. Yamal, Yakutia, Taimyr – there are so crazy pictures when you look from the window that it is impossible not to stare on them!

In some time, semi sleepiness was interrupted by the beautiful view. There was a waning sunset, with a small amount of clouds. What is important – if you fly to Kamchatka – sit on the left, and you’ll see all the beauty)

We took off at night and were flying towards the sunset. And at this time in the north there are shining polar days. And the sun was following us all the way. More precisely reflections that illuminated rivers and round lakes

Landscapes are just unreal! Along the way we were passing the Ob, Lena river, and hundreds of small (if you look from a height of 10 thousand meters) rivers. And all this was burning with a fire in a sunset

Right behind this river there is an Arctic Ocean. More precisely the sea, the Laptev Sea. I want to get there through the ground

It was close to dawn, the sky shined with a new power. And below us there are hundreds of kilometers of tundra, wetlands and coasts of permafrost. I sat in my comfortable chair and thought if there was someone? Or is the whole territory is full with impassable swamps?

There are a lot of water, lakes and lakes. And a lot of midges. If you come out for a moment – you’ll be eaten alive)

When the sun rose higher, there was nothing to watch. We’ve been flying over a cloudy veil. And it went away above Kamchatka, showing us volcanoes. It was like a first date – admiring glances, and attempt to catch the fancy at a glance). Under the wing one of the “home” volcanoes – Koryak appeared.

Here it breaks the cloudy haze as a huge breakwater

We flew to the Pacific Ocean. Another portion of admiring glances. Over the ocean there was a misty veil, like a soft blanket, not completely thrown off in a sleepy morning

Over the Ocean plane turned around and flew to the landing in Elizovo. Vilyuchinsky volcano, near which we will be soon standing, appeared. Below you can see three rocks in the water -Three brothers, which we will visit in the last day of our trip. And in the distance, near the misty horizon, we will make a photo grampus..

We are above the ground, flying over the river Avacha.

This is just a fairy tale! It Is not the river, but the whole tree with a trunk and slender branches.. All right, landing!


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