5 Facts and Photos about a Church from  a Russian 1,000 Bill

Facts and Photos about a Church from a Russian 1,000 Bill

Church of St. John the Baptist in Yaroslavl – the biggest and the most famous temple in the city. Drawings and photographs of the church are in all publications and textbooks about Russian architecture. Its image was placed on a thousand-rubble banknote, which was released in 1997.

Let’s read some fun facts about it and its history here.


The temple is located on the banks of the river Kotorosl in the territory of the plant “Yaroslavl Paints”. According to legend, in ancient times there was located a convent church, ravaged by the Poles in the era of the Time of Troubles 1598-1613 period. Previously, it was a suburb of the city, populated mainly by tanners, which was called Tolchkovskaya Sloboda.

The height of the main building – 44 meters. Two chapels with the height corresponding to the main cathedral adjoin to it.

Bell tower of 45 meters high is built separately from the temple. Cathedral of John the Baptist is crowned with 15 domes. This unusual amount for one temple is due to the fact that in the same architectural complex there are connected three churches – the central and two adjoined laterally. All three are of equal height and completed with five domes.

Holy Gates are standing in front of the west entrance of the temple. Every door of three entrances to the church has its decor.

One of the features of the building is that the tiles were inserted between the bricks, each of which was created in the single copy specifically for the Baptist Cathedral. On the ashes, there was firstly built a small wooden made Ascension Church and then they started to collect funds for the construction of a stone church. Someone donated money to the temple, someone – silver or retail shop, or expensive garden with buildings.

Contributions were received in any form, including working with hands. It turned out that a new church was built by “the whole world”. So valuable Royal Doors from Kazan and several old, ornate icons were transferred to the future church.

Almost immediately a poorhouse was made at the church, where 40 old and disabled people lived. In the 70s of the XIX century when the church also created a parish welfare and began to give financial aid to the poorest parishioners – to women and orphans.

A little later there was opened the parish school, where literacy and numeracy were taught during a year. And in the end of XIX century, the school was transformed into a female, and they began to study there for two years. In addition, the shelter, sewing and laundry shops opened their doors for girls. The Church has even set up its own charity class, in which 400 workers from Yaroslavl Big Manufacture were taught. In the Soviet period, the parish was closed; a delightful building of the church was vandalized and adapted for a granary and chemicals warehouse. Currently, the Baptist temple is placed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site


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5 Responses to “Facts and Photos about a Church from a Russian 1,000 Bill”

  1. Papa Karlo says:

    No doubt that the vandals broke as many of those tiles as they could, almost all are broken on the lower level. This is a real evidence how the “historical and architectural monuments” were in fact neglected in the Soviet Union.

    The temple was handed over to the factory where it is located now and used for storing grain and chemicals, then in the first storey, they built a smith shop.

    It’s very interesting that the name of the factory was quite unusual even for the Soviet Union: “The Worker’s Victory” – the factory is still has this name! Obviously, it should have been named “The Thieves’ Victory”, because it was stolen from their rightful owners and given to the thugs who own it now.

    • Simon, the Magician says:

      Uhm, you seem to be very angry. Was the Church yours? Get over it. Remember, every Sunday, everything is forgiven.

    • Rashomon says:

      It’s good, “Karlo” boy, to hear that today’s Russians are taking care of this building, and it will be preserved by them.

      Unfortunatley, these “news” haven’t reached your dark, far away dimension.

  2. Douglas says:

    …you can go to google and see links in Images that show the incredible inside. The entire building inside is covered with paintings of the saints etc.

  3. john dudley says:

    Thanks for the posting of a grand ole church,with a great history.

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