3 Army 2016 Exposition Air Defence Part

Army 2016 Exposition Air Defence Part



Russian blogger Said went to an army 2016 exhibition and here are his impressions from an air defense part of the exhibition:

Let’s traditionally make a post about the air defense technique, which was presented at the forum called “Army 2016″.

Radar 48Y6-K1 “Podlet – K1″ – mobile three-coordinate radar of low-altitude, circular scan of a combat mode and inter-service application

Radar system 55Z6M “Nebo-M”

Three-coordinate radar system with an open path information processing of decimeter wavelength ranges “Protivnik-GE” in the export edition

Radar system 1L125E – mobile radar system for reconnaissance of aerial targets on medium and high altitudes with the circular scan in standby mode with the active phased array of meter waveband. Developer JSC FRRC NNRIRE

Landing Radar AD-27SM

Air defense missile system with the long-range S-300VM “Antey-2500″ as part of PU 9A83ME, PSU 9A84ME and transport-launch containers with missiles 9M82ME and 9M83ME

The SPFI 9A317E air defense missile system of medium-range “Buk-M2E”

Launcher 5P85S ADMS S-300PM

Launcher 5P85SE3 AAMS S-400


MANPADS 9K333 “Verba”

Fighting vehicle AMGS “Pancir-C1″ (sometimes called “Pancir-C2″) with the new TDS developed by Tula CDBVM

Ship launcher “Gibka” MANPADS “Igla”

Combat vehicle ADMS “Strela-10M3″

Upgraded SPAAW-23-4M4 “Shilka M4″ with four “Igla” MANPADS in two twin launchers

Combat vehicle of modernized AMGS “Tunguska-M1″ new OELS and new radar for detection of air targets

Combat vehicle 9A331M ADMS “Tor-M2U”

Combat vehicle AMGS “Pancir-C”

Layouts at ASD Concern stand “Almaz-Antey”. S-350E “Vityaz”

S-400 “Triumph”

ADMS “Buk-M2E”

AAMS “Antey-2500″

There is always place for bikes in the air defense)

To be continued…


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  1. Douglas says:

    What…no food, drinks…BBQ….come on.!!!

  2. Jim Philopena says:

    Where’s the girls? Missiles without hot girls is like Vodka without Caviar!!!

  3. john dudley says:

    Russia rocks.

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