9 Abandoned Chukotka

Abandoned Chukotka

0_8e9dc_f1b5ff69_origGoing to the edge of Russia, I imagined something of that kind. Life here is really difficult, and in Chukotka you start believing that the climate prevents from building roads and normal existence of the cities: no stone or wood, no main building materials.

In the 1990s and 2000s, people began to leave that small region, leaving behind abandoned towns and villages.

I advise nature lovers to go to Chukotka, but I didn’t really like it: the low hills with grass. Tundra is rather boring spectacle. From wild animals I have met only a family of three cranes have sat down to rest.

Chukotka Autonomous District has long been completely closed: even now there is the border area, and upon arrival the officers even check passports. The area is very close to Alaska, 600-700 kilometres long, but walking or transport ride is impossible. Militaries in Chukotka left a notable legacies: nearly all abandoned places still belonged to the Ministry of Defence. The barrels are former warehouse of the combustive and lubricating materials in the vicinity of Anadyr Airport.

Anadyr estuary divides the entire district into two parts: actually, the city of Anadyr on one side, on the other is a Coal Mine and a dozen of abandoned towns of different safety and distance.

Shahtersky Village. The closest to the Coal Mine, one can easily get there, even in a car.


Shahtersky is small, just a couple of apartment buildings, and those trëhètažki. The private sector was scattered on the surrounding hills, but almost all rotted or looted for building materials in other villages.

There is no material ti build houses. If you want to build a good home – steal anything in a derelict one. So I wouldn’t be surprised if this “unfinished” one was actually dismantled to the ground.

They say people left these villages due to the program: there were vacant apartment in Anadyr and people were resettled to the best conditions. But why then, many have abandoned their cars, equipment? In some homes remained interiors … Seems that everyone just ran away! As in Pripyat!

Some particular form of perversion, the same has been observed in Anadyr on the outskirts. Wooden barracks, garages, on the second floor was a greenhouse, and people even managed to live in these houses!

The village by the sea. For someone it’s a resort but here all is in ruins. Everything in this state not only because of the harsh winters, when the temperature reaches – 60 C. Just because the locals take away everything that they can see.

Dozens of cars lie rusting and poisoning the soil of the region.

The boat which will never float away.


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