3 How Russian Golden youth relaxes

How Russian Golden youth relaxes

With the end of the summer, many of us will forget about rest before next summer, but not our “Golden youth”, which publishes in full swing photos from hot countries on their pages in Facebook. Further we offer you take a look at how Russian children of millionaires and billionaires have a rest.

Yusuf Alekperov
26-year-old son of the President of “Lukoil” is in first place in the ranking of the wealthiest heirs of Russian billionaires, according to Forbes. His father, Vagit Alekperov, will give him the largest stake of the oil giant.

Yusuf’s instagram is full of cars of all kinds of steepness. He leads his account under the nickname le_chiffre1 (Le Chiffre is a mathematical genius, a great Poker Player and a dangerous offender, the main villain in J.Bond series “Casino Royale”).

June: “Goodbye, Moscow!”

On his page (by the way, closed from prying eyes) he confesses in love to cars and to his “sweet wife”.

And – go: Germany, Switzerland, Italy … the most expensive resorts in Europe and the most elegant cars.

July: “One of the top Italian restaurants” (Yusuf, far right)

With his blonde wife, Alice: “One day in Portofino”

Returning to Moscow: again sport and street racing and endless tuning of the cars. 

This is exactly what gives Yusuf an incomparable thrill.

“BBQ outside”

August: “the best fishing in Siberia. Fishing was successful”


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3 Responses to “How Russian Golden youth relaxes”

  1. Douglas says:

    The new Russian aristocracy. The new Tsars. The poor working peasants are a little better off but not much.

  2. Rob Normann says:

    I am sure its lot of fun to have loads of money. And if they have earned it with honest work, of course they should enjoy it.
    Remember the poor, it could easily be you.

  3. Knight2 says:

    Doesn’t matter where you live, In Russia or the USA, the wealthy are always there flaunting their wealth and privilege in the face of normal hard working people. Especially their children. Makes me sick. One day soon, all that wealth won’t mean a thing.

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