0 Misty Dawn on the Cooling Pond of the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant

Misty Dawn on the Cooling Pond of the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant

Large drops of rain began drumming in the windshield when it remained a little more than 30 miles to the place of destination. Stuffy city, languishing under the hot summer sun, was left behind. M2 Motorway remained on the sidelines, and the road began to take desert to the west, winding hairpin bends. But, despite the bad weather, my car flew quickly and easily, as if it was fueled by my desire to come faster.

Into a green, washed by the rain Kurchatov town, I went with the last drops of rain. Now I could finally get out, stretch myself and go to meet new interesting people. I was at the information centre of the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant.

I’ve never thought that I could visit a nuclear power plant. Quite a bit, and I would hear the roar of the turbine in the engine room.

And yet … it’s the morning of a new day.
Waking up at half past three in the morning has never left me indifferent. It seemed to me that till the evening I will not be in a cheerful frame of mind.

And we surf the cooling pond of Kursk NPP on brisk boat. Wonderful misty morning in which we broke at full speed, to drive all the doubts away.


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