1 In the south of Primorye workers continue destroying the WW2 battery

In the south of Primorye workers continue destroying the WW2 battery

The battery of the Great Patriotic War is being dismantled in the Khasan district of Primorye. Workers take parts of the sawn construction out of peninsula Gamow be KAMAZ, explaining their actions as the reconstruction for preventing the state of emergency.

The tower battery №220 of Khasan sector of coastal defenses designed to control Posyet bay and the west coast of the bay of Peter the Great from the cape of Gamov to cape of Bruce. Representatives of the contractor told that the fortification building of the main base of the Pacific Fleets of 1932-1942 is not “sawn” but “reconstructed”.

According to them, one of the two towers on the cape of Gamow will be dismantled and a hole will be concreted. According to the instructions of the owner instead of the tower there should appear an observation deck. The object was in a poor condition. The workers claimed that the warrant for the improvement obtained by the administration of Zarubinsky settlement.

Fire position of tower battery №220, which has illegally dismantled. Vandals dismantled about 200 tons of metal. At the beginning of July 2016 it looked like this.

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  1. Mr Fox says:

    Thefts of metals is a big thing among organized crime gangs in Eastern Europe. They often tour the rest of Europe as well. Acording to the intelligence of the Swedish police they often come from the Baltic states. I especially remember a case where a chapel next to a church here in Sweden got the entire roof that was made of copper stolen over a weekend.

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