2 The armored vehicle BRDM-2 that received the second life

The armored vehicle BRDM-2 that received the second life

Posted on August 30, 2016 by konst4

Now I offer you to get acquainted with another demilitarized armored vehicle BRDM-2, which was bought from the Ministry of Defence of Belarus and brought to Russia. In order to use a former military vehicle for civilian purposes we had to work hard, but it was worth it, because the final version is really impressive.

Author’s words:

Part of the work was performed by the owner; other part was given to contractors. The most difficult work was related to the tuning of the body. For example, the roof was cut, superstructure which increased the volume of the cabin was mounted. The windows were cut through a roof hatch was made. Well, the interior and the installation of additional equipment, as you know, was done by my friends. We did it all within a moderate budget – and there was no purpose to make a limousine with leather interior.
The car looks like a normal BRDM-2, but with the superstructure and the wheels from the BTR-80.

Two hatches are made for access, respectively, to the brake fluid reservoir and to the winch. Slab in the bottom is a controlled hydraulic rake.

Extensive exterior mirrors – is a drop in the sea. Therefore, there were set three wide-angle cameras with IR illumination which displays are placed on the dashboard. It took hour and a half and five proprietary drills to make a small hole for the rear camera.

Armor is strong!

That’s how the interior looked when the car came to the shop.


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2 Responses to “The armored vehicle BRDM-2 that received the second life”

  1. phuzz says:

    I’ve always wanted a BDRM ever since I first saw one.
    This one looks to have been restored in a really good way, nice work!

  2. sszzrr says:

    I expected an auto gear BRDM-2 after reading the title, but it came out as a low-budget decoration car. Not even a big window for passengers.

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